Cigar cases

Cigar cases

A cigar case is an indispensable tool for the cigar lover on the move that helps protect your cigars, all the while letting you show off your stylish side. Cigar cases not only give you peace of mind and a sense of pride, but they can also make the cigar experience more enjoyable along the way. There is a cigar case for just about every occasion, so HumidorDiscount is here to help you find the right cigar case for you.

Choosing a Cigar Case

With so many different types of cigar cases, it might seem a bit overwhelming when selecting the ideal case for your needs. Yet it can be ever so rewarding! To simplify the process, here are a few considerations to help you in your search:

  • SIZE - Perhaps the most difficult consideration is size. While many cigar enthusiasts have a favorite cigar size, many more still enjoy a variety of sizes. Some cases are size-specific, whereas others might expand to accommodate cigars of varying ring gauges and lengths. If you smoke only one size of cigar, such as Coronas or Robustos, then a case made for your particular favorite is the obvious choice. But if you enjoy shaking things up a little with different sizes of cigars, then selecting a larger, more versatile case is best.

  • OCCASION - Knowing precisely where and when you plan on using the cigar case will also help you determine what is the best case for you. Consider if you will be using a simple carrying case for just a few hours of the day or if you might need a humidified case for longer excursions. If you are likely to use it mostly outdoors, on the golf course or while camping, for example, then a more rugged case might be best. If you use the case in business settings or more formal affairs, then a supple, more sophisticated style might prove a winning choice.

  • CAPACITY- Having too many cigars on hand is always preferable to not having enough, yet sometimes less is truly more. There is no sense lugging around more cigars than you need. From a case for one or two cigars to larger cases for multiple cigars, there are cases for just about every type of excursion. If you are only planning to be out and about for a few hours, then a case for two should do the job nicely. If you will be on the move for longer periods or will be sharing cigars with a larger gathering, then a larger capacity case is the right choice.

  • PRICE- You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a high-quality case, and you also don’t have to settle for something less than exceptional. There are great looking and highly functional cigar cases for just about every budget, so consider what your optimal price range is, and you are sure to discover many great options!

    These considerations will help narrow down your search and help you to select a cigar case from among the different types available today, putting you ever closer to that most joyous moment of discovering the perfect cigar case!

    Types of Cigar Cases
    There are countless types of cigar cases, each offering a unique style and functionality all their own. While some might be better suited for your cigar adventures than others, it comes down to personal preference. So, here are a few of the most popular types to consider:

    These cases are perhaps what most people imagine when they think of cigar cases. Leather cases offer a softer, more supple feel and a most distinguished look. Leather cases can be made of cowhide, calfskin, lambskin, or just about any other leather product imaginable. Colors range from classic black or dark brown to vibrant red, yellow, and even multi-colored treasures.

    Many leather cases feature a telescoping design, which allows you to carry cigars of varying lengths. Some have a softer, more flexible design, which allows for a little extra room for slightly larger ring gauges. Most pocket-sized cases are great for whenever you are out on the town for a few hours. Larger travel cigar cases, such as the adorini Cigar Bag Real Leather Red Topstitching, let you carry not only your cigars but accessories, credit cards and other must-have items, so you stay organized while on the go.

    While leather alone does not provide the robust protection of harder wood or metal, leather cases have endured in popularity due to their great versatility, range of style and portability. A great all-around choice for the everyday cigar enthusiast.

    Unlike their softer leather counterparts, cases constructed of wood provide more protection for your cigars. The rugged construction minimizes the chance of your cigars being crushed while in transit. Some larger wood cases have room to add a small humidifier, further helping to keep your cigars safe and sound on those longer trips.

    Some wood cigar cases are fixed in size and shape, so do not offer the same flexibility as many soft leather cases. Yet there are wood cases that not only slide to adjust to the length of cigars but also come with a leather-wrapped exterior. The adorini Adaptable Genuine Leather Cigar Case Black 2/3 is a perfect example of having the best of both worlds, as well as dividers to keep cigars separated.

    Wood cases come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes suitable for casual excursions, formal occasions and everywhere in between. While not all wood cases might be as pocket friendly as others, every wood case does offer a distinctive and alluring character that no other type of case can deliver.

    While leather and wood cigar cases are popular options, metal cases also have much to offer. Not only do these cases provide added protection for your cigars, but they also do it with a stylish look all their own. From the nostalgic elegance of sterling silver to the contemporary look of stainless steel, aluminum or chrome, metal cigar cases can bring greater sophistication to any cigar smoking experience.

    As with wood cigar cases, metal cases are generally fixed in size and so will not adjust to fit the length of your cigars. While these rigid, often heavier cases can also be a bit cumbersome to carry in a pocket, they can provide the peace of mind that your cigars are safely tucked away from the elements along every step of your journey.

    Some metal cases even have a built-in humidifier, with the adorini Humidor Tube with Silver Hygrometer being a prime example. Metal cases also serve as great gifts, especially for wedding parties and other grand occasions. A cigar case with space for personalized engraving can make for a much-treasured souvenir or heirloom.

    Carbon Fiber
    Carbon fiber cigar cases have become a favorite with today’s cigar aficionados thanks to their sleek and contemporary look. Carbon fiber’s unforgettable textured surface can often rival the stylish character of leather cases. The cases are also highly desirable since the super-strong construction of carbon fiber is tougher than wood or even metal cases. Add light-weight portability to the mix, and carbon fiber cigar cases make for an ideal blend of modern luxury, durability, and functionality.

    Some carbon fiber cases, such as adorini’s stylish yellow and black Carbon Case for 3 Coronas, adjust to the length of your cigar, so you have even more versatility. A Carbon fiber cigar case is a great option for any adventurous cigar aficionado on the move wanting to bring a modern flair to their cigar experience.

    Take Cigars Anywhere with Confidence
    After you have considered what is best for your cigar transporting needs, you are ready to select from an incredible collection of cases. No matter the size, type, or style of a cigar case, you are sure to find the right one for your cigar smoking adventures. Find your perfect cigar case at HumidorDiscount today!
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