adorini Real Leather Case for 2-3 Cigars Brown adorini Real Leather Case for 2-3 Cigars Brown adorini Real Leather Case for 2-3 Cigars Brown adorini Real Leather Case for 2-3 Cigars Brown adorini Real Leather Case for 2-3 Cigars Brown
adorini Real Leather Case for 2-3 Cigars Brown

adorini Real Leather Case for 2-3 Cigars Brown

4.6 (36 Ratings)

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Adorini invariably offers cigar accessories that combine all the best in craftsmanship, durability, versatility, and styling. Cigar lovers turn to adorini for not only humidors but a plethora of finely crafted accessories as well. A perfect example is their Real Leather Case 2-3 Cigars. This expertly designed and assembled cigar case is not just an accessory, however, as it will evolve into a wholly original teller of tales, sharing your story with each passing day.

The eye-catching case features an exterior of sumptuous genuine brown buckskin leather, which will gradually change in texture and patina over time to become a one-of-a-kind case all your own. Easily adjusting for a variety of cigar lengths, the case slides open to reveal a Spanish cedar interior featuring a flexible divider system that accommodates cigars of various ring gauges, as well as helps to keep cigars from excessive movement when in transit.

With its cigar band view, the cleverly designed case also lets you see the cigar bands without having to remove the cigars. This eliminates the annoyance of having to lift out each cigar to find the one you want. Not only does this relieve frustration, but it also minimizes the possibility of unnecessary damage to the cigars and keeps your cigar experience intact as a most happy occasion.

With its gorgeous look and adaptable functionality, the Real Leather Case 2-3 Cigars is a great option for cigar aficionados on the go that is sure to become something much more than just a cigar case. This special case is a winning choice for all, whether it be for day trips, a night out on the town or as a gift for your favorite cigar lover. Get your Real Leather Case and start telling your story today.

Largest cigar vitolas:
Inner length:
0.2 in
Inner lining of spanish cedar wood:
Integrated hygrometer:
Made of:
3 cigars
EAN code:

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 4.6/5   (36 Ratings)
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 23 Aug 2023


 17 Nov 2021

Very well. Thank you.

 23 Mar 2019

Perfect case: the leather is of quality as well as the wood.

 20 Aug 2016

Perfect and very pretty.

 15 Jun 2016

Product as expected. Very solid and beautifully finished. A somewhat strange smell. Not really what I expect from cedar wood. Let it air a bit and add some pieces of cedar wood.

 22 Dec 2014

Pleased with the whole experience

 28 Aug 2014

Good afternoon, I have been delighted with your shipment. I love it. I hope to use it soon. Thank you. A greeting.

 03 May 2014

flawless quick delivery, product meets my expectations.

 16 Feb 2014

The case makes a high-quality and clean processed impression. The highlight in itself is the "lining" of cedar, which was also incorporated very clean. My expectations were fully met.

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