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adorini Chianti Medium Deluxe Tray Humidor

4.7 (1193 Ratings)
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    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Adorini humidors are renowned for beautifully balancing form and function, delivering precision cigar humidification supported by the highest quality craftsmanship and a cadre of deluxe features. There is perhaps no other humidor that exemplifies the adorini passion for perfection than the one and only Chianti Medium Deluxe.

This wildly popular cabinet humidor brings an elegant symmetry to the cigar storage experience with a stylish yet functional cube-shaped design. A multi-lacquered matte finish joins gold-plated accents and a glass viewing pane built into the door to make the humidor an efficient and pleasing addition to any décor. Over 125 Corona-size cigars will be safely tucked away into the humidor’s three sliding trays of steamed Spanish cedar.

Adorini’s gold-plated acryl polymer-based humidifier delivers impeccable self-regulating climate control, which can be fine-tuned with just a quick sliding motion of the adjustable ventilation openings. You can monitor the humidity with a quick glance at a pre-calibrated precision hair hygrometer set into the center tray which is visible whether the door is open or closed.

The Chianti Medium Deluxe Tray humidor also features adorini’s innovative divider system, including three horizontal and three vertical dividers, as well as divider label clips, to maximize cigar organization. Combine these with adorini’s lifetime warranty and this humidor emerges as one of the best decisions a cigar lover can make.

Clean lines and beautifully efficient geometry combine to deliver a solidly built humidor that won’t take up space, all the while protecting your cigars with robust humidification options. The Chianti Medium Deluxe humidor is simply a no-brainer for anyone in search of additional cigar storage space that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.
Capacity for up to 125 corona cigars.
What we like
  • Trays permit good separation for cigars of different types of tobacco.
  • Hair hygrometer & adorini deluxe humidifier.
What we dislike
  • Access to humidifier for refilling is behind trays.

Adorini Deluxe Features

  • Deluxe feature image

    Adorini life-time warranty

  • Deluxe feature image

    Extra-strong quadrant hinges - 24K gold plated and hand polished

  • Deluxe feature image

    Gold plated acryl polymer based Adorini Deluxe humidifier with adjustable ventilation openings for an optimum regulation of the humidity level

  • Deluxe feature image

    Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage

  • Deluxe feature image

    Hygrometer and humidifier fixed with magnet to invisible metal plate under wood veneer

  • Deluxe feature image

    Bottom of drawers consists of wooden ribs for maximum air flow and flexible placement of dividers

  • Deluxe feature image

    Innovative divider system for flexible individual separation. Protected adorini innovation

  • Deluxe feature image

    Label clips for dividers. Protected Adorini innovation

Calculate online how many of your favorite cigars will fit into the humidor
EAN code:
143.1 oz
Inner dimensions (H x W x D)
8.3 in x 8.3 in x 8.9 in
Adorini life-time warranty
Lock and key to close the humidor:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
9.4 in x 9.4 in x 9.4 in
Interior lining:
Extra strong steamed spanish cedar with ventilation ribs
Included dividers:
Painted lacquer
Material exterior veneer:
Painted lacquer
Exterior finish:
Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.7/5   (1193 Ratings)
 73% (873 Ratings)
 22% (257 Ratings)
 3% (40 Ratings)
 1% (12 Ratings)
 1% (11 Ratings)
 29 Mar 2024

I can't say for sure, but it's the product I've been waiting for.

 25 Dec 2023

Good value for money.

 20 Dec 2023

Hygrometer out of adjustment by 6%, certainly due to transport.

 02 Nov 2023

Fast shipping and in perfect condition, perfect quality, very happy and grateful to humidor discount for the treatment and service

 11 Aug 2023

Perfect!! From ordering to the delivery, everything went quickly and perfectly. Super humidor, I am more than satisfied

 03 Jun 2023

Reasonable price. Fast delivery. Great product. Outstanding customer service. Total satisfaction. What else could I even say?!

 24 Feb 2023

Absolutely perfect, delivered in excellent condition - it meets my expectations perfectly and moreover, it is very design!

 26 Jan 2023

Very neatly worked and a new jewel in our home.

 11 Jul 2022

Very nice product, I take away 1 star because one of the front sides of a drawer was unstuck.

 27 Jun 2022

Perfect, good capacity and after eight years, as new as the first day.

 10 Feb 2022

Excellent product, perfect as described. Very fast, safe shipping. I can absolutely recommend the adorini Chianti medium Deluxe and Humidor Discount.

 09 Feb 2022

Superb humidor! Nice capacity, well thought out and robust. I recommend it!

 18 Jan 2022

Super device

 31 Dec 2021

It is a perfect present for any occasion. Is it worth it!

 15 Dec 2021

A beautifully made, very stylish humidor. Easy to follow instructions. The team are incredibly efficient in their communication and customer service is exemplary in keeping you informed of despatch and delivery progress.

 17 Nov 2021

Delivery on time and product properly protected. Good quality humidor, meets expectations and description.

 01 Nov 2021

Superb quality and quick delivery

 28 Jul 2021

From the order to the delivery to the quality of the product, everything was perfect!

 30 Mar 2021

Perfect, very good product arrived without problems or defects.

 19 Mar 2021

Great humidor with a lot of space. When filling for the first time, you should let the humidifying element supplied fill up completely for 5 minutes as described, otherwise large fluctuations can occur.

 30 Jan 2021


 20 Jan 2021

Superb cigar humidor. Parcel arrived quickly and without delay. I recommend it.

 13 Jan 2021

The humidor exactly meets expectations. It was delivered quickly and was securely packed. The good customer service should be emphasized. Direct contact by the distributor, all to my satisfaction. In the evening an e-mail reply regarding calibration of the hygrometer. All very recommendable!

 01 Jan 2021

A really nice little cabinet.

 25 Dec 2020

Looks very good. Also had another adorini humidor.

 25 Dec 2020

Purchased as a gift for my father, super appreciated, excellent quality product, flawless shipping.

 24 Dec 2020

Super! Product arrived in perfect condition, delivery on time, everything ok!

 24 Dec 2020

Perfect packaging and product very fast shipping.... an enclosed booklet with instructions in Italian would have been more appreciated.

 22 Oct 2020

Really beautiful and excellently finished! Excellent purchase!

 19 Sep 2020

Everything was perfect. Speed, service, delivery. The humidor was very well packaged and in great condition.

 25 Aug 2020

Humidor with beautiful finishes, magnificent for a good conservation of cigars, also very good value for money.

 21 Aug 2020

Finishing could be better.

 24 Jul 2020

Thank you very much for the order.

 26 May 2020

My boyfriend loved the humidor! Just a heads up for anyone ordering in the United States, there is a $25 customs fee that’s has to be paid before you can get the humidor through the boarder (that was not told when ordering the humidor). Other than that the product itself came very fast (minus the 2 extra days it took for customs). The humidor came in perfect condition, the box had a dent but was packaged great on the inside so nothing damaged!

 12 May 2020

Shipped promptly, great construction, amazing look, obvious quality... COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.

 24 Apr 2020

It arrived in perfect condition. Quality according to the brand. Robust, except for the back wall, which is not very thick veneer. The door seal is correct, but it does not give that empty feeling of the desktop humidors.

 14 Apr 2020

A brilliant humidor, only the calibration of the humidifier made the first 5 days difficult for me.

 20 Feb 2020

Beautiful humidor, very spacious and elegant. Well calibrated hygrometer. I recommend it. Fast shipping and with packaging worthy of the name.

 12 Jan 2020

Very good quality, seriously recommended.

 31 Dec 2019

Excellent humidor, well finished, only flaw: it will never contain the 126 promised cigars, I hardly reached 80.

 27 Dec 2019

Responsive and extremely friendly customer service. Magnificent cigar humidor. Very nice finishes, very high quality.

 21 Dec 2019

The product arrived on schedule! (Indeed one day in advance). The outer packaging was slightly dented but the inner box was in perfect condition as was the product! Excellent use of polystyrene to preserve the product!!!

 14 Dec 2019

Very nice cigar humidor... Fast delivery, very well packaged product. I recommend the site. A big thank-you.

 06 Dec 2019

From the outside he looks very high quality, inside unfortunately not. Wood chippings are still hanging everywhere. The drawers are not properly assembled/glued. For the money in any case a bit too sloppy.

 14 Sep 2019

Humidor arrived in perfect condition within 2 days. Looks like high quality, with its 3 drawers it is easy to get at the cigars and is hopefully just as good as the Modena, which I bought in 2003 at Humdordiscount and which is still in perfect condition.

 19 Jul 2019

Great price performance! Wonderfully crafted!

 10 Jun 2019

I have been using it for two years and it is a wonderful humidor, elegant and effective, my cigars are always perfect.

 03 Jun 2019

Extra fast delivery, ordered on Wednesday and received on Friday well packaged and intact. Humidor of good quality, impeccable finish and hygrometry is very stable. The hygrometer is calibrated at the factory. Plenty of room and very adaptable for separating the different cigars. Capacity about 70-80 cigars size Robusto / Churchill; I recommend the purchase without hesitation.

 04 May 2019

Arrived perfectly intact. It looks very good, very good finish. I don't use the supplied humidifier but Boveda bags. Normal humidity after just three days of starting. The hygrometer is pretty but still a bit of a dancer. To calibrate it I had to exert a slight pressure on the glass while turning the adjustment screw with the screwdriver otherwise it would rotate the whole dial and not the needle. This is the only flaw I have found. For the rest I am satisfied with the purchase, maybe it's just a little smaller than I expected, but thanks to this it fits very well everywhere.

 24 Apr 2019

Humidor of very good quality. Although for the price the hygrometer is unsatisfying. It is not calibrated and when you want to adjust all the inside mechanism turns. It is a hair hygrometer with a spring inside. I don't know anything about hygrometers but for the price I expected better.

 22 Mar 2019

Magnificent. I am very satisfied. Humidor of excellent quality.

 27 Feb 2019

Fully satisfied with both the quality of the article and the seriousness of the company. Highly recommended!!!

 23 Feb 2019

Superb small humidor who does its job well.

 14 Feb 2019

Beautiful finish.

 23 Jan 2019

Excellent humidor received in a few days, perfectly protected and packed.

 08 Dec 2018

My husband loves, loves, loves this humidor!!!!!

 27 Nov 2018

Received the parcel in good condition.

 23 Nov 2018

Very nice humidor, perfectly packed.

 16 Sep 2018

Everything perfect.

 14 Sep 2018

Very good quality and good value for money.

 08 Sep 2018

Very good cigar humidor! Careful packaging as usual. The stocking capacity is important, beautiful finishes, I am completely satisfied.

 13 Aug 2018

The package still has not arrived since August 6th, I am told that the delivery is postponed.

 28 Apr 2018

Ordered and arrived before expected. Packaging and humidor arrived in excellent condition. Hygrometer already calibrated. Aesthetically very beautiful. I'm satisfied with the purchase.

 20 Jan 2018

Humidor with a beautiful design, elegant and functional; ideal for my needs; perfect hygrometer: I wanted to calibrate it with the salt method and it was very precise: UR 72%; keeps constant UR at 67%; arrived in two days; I will buy from you again.

 28 Dec 2017

Product arrived in perfect condition. Will revisit your site when it comes again to upgrading my humidor.

 23 Dec 2017

Excellent delivery time: Order placed on 29/11, delivery on 04/12. Neatly packaged and protected in a double carton: my humidor arrived in perfect condition nestled in a box of velvet. Sober and very elegant design. Quality manufacturing, all adjustments are perfect and the humidor closes tightly. Getting the humidor started was easy thanks to the enclosed instructions. The only problem: the hygrometer was not calibrated properly. It indicated 71% after three days while an electronic hygrometer indicated 64%! So I wanted to solve it which was impossible. Whenever I turned the set screw the whole mechanism turned with the needles! To achieve calibration I had to dismount the hygrometer. Pity!

 21 Dec 2017

Perfect, good size, 3 drawers of good craftsmanship. Good sealing.

 26 Oct 2017

Great humidor. Fast shipping and good condition.

 25 Sep 2017

Received in good condition and it's beautiful. Very satisfied.

 13 Sep 2017

Very fast delivery and well packaged! This small humidor is really pretty and not an ordinary cigar box. It's adorini quality and the finish is perfect! Be careful though inside the drawers, especially the bottom slats to place separations into seem fragile if you press a little too hard. I do not regret the purchase of this little gem and the site's client suppor is very responsive!

 22 Aug 2017

Box arrived a few weeks ago. Quality looks ok, no surface defects. Frame is surprisingly fragile looking, quite thin walls and I am not sure about how the door will keep working on the long run. Shipping companys tracking didn't work online and they tried to deliver it only once (without advance notice) in office hours and then brought it to UPS access point. UPS customer service didn't want to discuss about new delivery. Not much added value compared to traditional postal services. I expected this order to be delivered home.

 04 Aug 2017

Impeccable, arrived very quickly and in good condition.

 22 Jul 2017

It fully met my expectations. Despite its size, it is perfect for a moderate consumption of cigars. Highly recommended.

 20 Jul 2017

I'm happy with this item but I think it needs an integrated air ventilation... For the rest super thank you.

 22 May 2017

Super humidor, very nice design with lots of storage and organization possibilities. It suits me perfectly. Very good quality and perfect shipment.

 12 Jul 2016

Very pleased with this purchase, product complete and efficient, in line with its presentation; also a hotline is available, competent, and giving clear and informed explanations.

 18 Apr 2016

Humidor received in perfect condition, finish was excellent, super fast delivery. Website recommended for any cigar lover!!

 26 Feb 2016

Good quality humidor. The hygrometer is calibrated perfectly but I doubt the humidor can hold up to 120 cigars.

 16 Jul 2015

Excellent product... Always a pleasure

 07 Jul 2015

Everything arrived in perfect condition

 26 Jun 2015

Very good product I recommend it!

 22 Jun 2015

A very good and nice humidor. I recommend it 100%.

 20 Jun 2015

A true marvel. I can recommend it!

 18 Jun 2015

Neatly processed products from high quality materials, also a pleasure for the eyes.

 19 Aug 2015

Good value, good humidor, fast shipping, quality service

 17 May 2015

Very nice product, well finished.

 15 May 2015

Really good humidor. Label clips could be fixed stronger on divider, but it is no big problem.

 15 May 2015

All in perfect condition and very fast shipping.

 04 May 2015

All perfect; the seller and the rest. Like my German car. Mercedes.

 04 May 2015

Corresponding to what has been ordered.

 30 Apr 2015

Absolutely as described, punctual arrival. I am really satisfied. Thank you.

 26 Apr 2015

So far so good. The Humidor looks nice and is a good size and of a good build standard for the money. It seems to have settled down over the past few weeks and is now functioning within the correct humidity range. I give it 5 stars based upon its value for money, build quality, size and accessories along with the fact that it is functioning correctly. I have yet to try any of the cigars due to mouth surgery.

 17 Apr 2015

My first humidor: perfect quality and great for my precious friends

 14 Apr 2015

Very happy with the product, service. Going to buy more products later.

 30 Mar 2015

Very fast delivery and product corresponding to the order, delivered in good condition

 28 Mar 2015

Better than expected

 27 Mar 2015

Really very satisfied. Fast delivery by express carrier. Efficient tracking for parcels and responsive customer service, friendly and personalized. Product packed carefully, very well protected from possible shocks and arrived in perfect condition. Aesthetic and solid, well designed and built, fully in line with my expectations. Exactly what I needed for my storage necessities. I recommend this website, the effective sales staff and its products.

 27 Mar 2015

Cigars from the dealer are often bland and brittle. A humidor provides a remedy - so also the Chianti medium Deluxe. The product is really impeccably processed. Is there still room for improvement????? Are there scratches on the surface or cracks on the hinges? NO - none - and the felt pads are top quality and without any defect. The humidifier and the smooth glass door are fixed by magnets - what a great idea! I am totally thrilled and wonder if it can be at all improved. Well, that will probably only show in a comparison - yes, I will buy a second Chianti and I am already looking forward to make this box wet;) ... Sure I'll then have the "luxury problem" being faced with the decision which is the best ... About the content - this is far too early - but in another 5-6 months, then more qualified, I will comment on the matter. Strongly recommended buy!

 19 Mar 2015

Very, very satisfied! Extremely great value for money ..!

 14 Mar 2015

Exactly what I wanted: simple, beautiful, easy to get running.

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