Humidifiers & hygrometers

Humidifiers & hygrometers

A good humidification system and hygrometer are critical to keeping your cigars in optimal condition and ready for enjoyment. Humidifiers range from simple sponge humidifiers to electronic systems. Hygrometers, likewise, are available in traditional analog and digital models. Not sure which is right for your humidor? No worries, that’s why we’re here!

Why is a Humidifier Necessary?
Premium cigars ideally should be kept at approximately 65% to 72% relative humidity. If the humidity is too low, the cigar will burn hot and bitter. The tobacco can also become brittle and crack. If humidity is too high, the cigar can burn unevenly or prove difficult to keep lit. Overly moist tobacco can also swell and split apart, as well as develop mold. Keeping cigars at a slightly lower range of relative humidity is ideal for the aging process, as it allows the character of the tobacco to evolve without worry of overhumidification’s damaging effects. So, cigar humidifiers perform the important task of maintaining a consistent humidity level, so you can enjoy your cigars in the exact condition that the cigar makers intended.

How Does a Humidifier Work?
While different types of humidifiers use a variety of designs and materials, all humidifiers work primarily in the same way. A humidifier will have some means of holding water, generally that takes the form of either a reservoir or a moisture-retaining material, like a sponge. This allows the device to add and sometimes even remove moisture from the environment to maintain a correct level of humidity.

Types of Humidifiers
There are different styles, shapes, and sizes of humidifiers available, so you are sure to find one to match your humidification needs. While the types of humidification devices from which you can choose are many, humidifiers generally can be broken down into one of two categories: passive or active.

Passive humidifiers only add or balance out the humidity in the cigar space. Simple and easy to use, these humidifiers are popular in desktop and travel humidors. Foam-based humidifiers and disposable humidification packs are examples of commonly used passive humidifiers. High-tech, self-regulating, acryl polymer fleece-based units such as adorini’s deluxe premium humidifier offer superior passive humidity control.

Other more elaborate humidifiers function electronically, providing more robust humidity control. These active humidification devices not only produce the necessary humidity, they can keep track of it, measuring it regularly and adding more moisture to the atmosphere when needed. Some of these also utilize motorized fans or misting systems to distribute the moisture evenly throughout the cigar storage unit. Electronic humidifiers are most commonly used for larger cabinet style or walk-in humidors.

Choosing the Right Humidifier
When selecting a humidifier for your humidor, there are a few points you will want to consider:

Size of Storage Space
How big is your humidor? What is the maximum number of cigars it will hold? You will want to ensure the humidification device is optimized for the specific space so that your cigars are kept in the ideal environment.

Size and Shape of Humidifier
Does your humidor have a dedicated space for humidifiers? If so, what size or shape of humidifier is needed? While most humidors offer plenty of space to put just about any style of humidifier, some are designed for specific sizes or shapes. So, you will want to make sure the humidifier will fit.

Level of Maintenance
Each type of humidifier will require some level of maintenance, mostly adding distilled water to the unit along with a special antibacterial humidifier solution, such as adorini’s Humidifier Liquid. How often you will need to refill the device is determined by a variety of factors, including the size of the humidification device, how often you open and close the humidor, the average number of cigars kept in the humidor, and even atmospheric conditions outside of the humidor.

Active or Passive
While passive humidifiers are easy to use and relatively affordable, they can require a fair amount of regular care. Active humidifiers, by contrast, usually require less maintenance, with some higher-end units going several months without the need for refilling. But the possible drawbacks to active, electronic humidifiers are that they are generally more expensive and can often take up more valuable humidor space or require a power chord to be plugged in outside of the humidor.

As you explore HumidorDiscount’s diverse range of humidifiers, you will discover crucial information on each product’s page to further aid in your search. You will be able to see at a glance the dimensions of the device, the number of cigars the unit will accommodate, and even what kind of material is used in its construction, making it easy to find the right one for you and take your cigar storage experience to the next level.

Hygrometers are handy devices that measure relative humidity, giving you a better idea of just how well a humidifier is working. While the cigars themselves will ultimately tell you if they have been maintained at the proper humidity, hygrometers make it much easier to know those humidity levels at a glance, offering you peace of mind. There are many different styles of hygrometers that come in a variety of sizes and finishes. All hygrometers, however, can be broken down into two distinct types: analog and digital.

Analog Hygrometers

Analog devices usually feature the classic round shape with a numbered dial that shows you the current relative humidity. These are the most common type of hygrometer found in humidors and can offer looks ranging from classic old-world style to more contemporary designs. Regardless of how they appear, analog hygrometers will be one of three types:

Metal Spring Hygrometers: These hygrometers feature a metal spring that moves in response to humidity levels. These are the least expensive, and least accurate type of hygrometers.

Natural Hair Hygrometers: More accurate than spring hygrometers, these devices utilize a natural hair that expands or retracts with changes in humidity. The hair, in turn, moves the needle on the face of the dial, showing you the current humidity level. This type of hygrometer needs regular maintenance and recalibration, making it less than ideal for cigar humidors.

Synthetic Hair Hygrometers: These devices work in the same way as their natural hair counterparts, except that the hair is comprised of synthetic material that needs little or no maintenance. The best synthetic hair hygrometers are German-made precision hair hygrometers, specifically designed for the high levels of humidity required for cigar humidors. Many are pre-calibrated, such as the popular adorini Hair Humidor Hygrometer, so they are ready to go right out of the box.

Digital Hygrometers

Digital devices provide an easier to read display and can even show you the current temperature, as well as relative humidity levels. Digital hygrometers also do not need to be calibrated. Contrary to popular belief, however, digital units are not necessarily more accurate than analog hygrometers, as even the best electronic devices can be off by +/- 2%. Digital devices that are optimized for cigar humidors or levels over 65% humidity, such as adorini’s Digital Hygrometer Compact, will deliver the best overall accuracy.

Personalized Humidity Control
No matter the size or style of the humidor in which you plan to store your cigar collection, there is a humidifier and hygrometer ideal for your cigar storage space. So, start your search for humidifiers and hygrometers and personalize your humidor today.

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