Adorini Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer Silver

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There is perhaps nothing more frustrating for cigar lovers than believing cigars are being properly humidified only to discover that the smokes are in far from the ideal condition. Count on adorini to help free you of this problem with their all-time classic Digital Hygrometer Thermometer.

This oldie but goodie and continual best-seller gives you all the information you need to ensure your humidor is keeping your cigars at just the right humidity and temperature. You can remove the worry about the state of your cigars with just a quick glance at the digital display, which gives you the current relative humidity, as well as the current temperature. You can even check the highs and lows so that you can keep track of any fluctuations in the humidor’s environment. With a range of 20% to 90% humidity and a temperature range of -10 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius, you can rest easy knowing the device can handle almost any climate.

The instrument’s capacitive sensor, a rarity amongst digital hygrometers, makes for a reliable solution that will enhance any humidor’s capability. With an integrated foldout stand and an included magnet, you have the flexibility to place the device anywhere you want to maximize the use of the humidor’s space. No need to go through the hassle of finding a battery that fits, as one has been included, so this handy tool will start working for you right out of the box!

With its attractive silver finish and with its tried and true reputation for accurate readings, adorini’s Digital Hygrometer Thermometer is a device you can count to watch over your cigars so you can focus on the finer things in life. Upgrade your humidor with greater style and better all-around functionality. It also makes a fantastic gift.
EAN code: 4260128720211
Humidity accuracy: +-5%
Height: 57 mm
Temperature accuracy: +-1ºC
Fixing: Tape/magnet
Weight: 60 g
Model: 303
Brand: Adorini
Colour: Silver
Item ID: 303
Humidity range: 20-90% % relative humidity
Measurement mechanism: Electronic sensor
Display: Digital
Temperature units: Celsius
Temperature range: -10ºC+50ºC celsius

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