adorini Chianti Medium Deluxe Humidor Rosewood

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 adorini Cigar Heaven Humidifier 2nd Generation $198
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Distilled water enriched with silver ions
1 litre bottle
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Selecting just the right humidor for your cigar storage needs can often be a challenging experience, yet adorini’s design team has helped to take much of the frustration out of the process with a humidor that is at once classic, versatile and wholly unique. The Chianti Medium Deluxe humidor has a personality all its own that has become a true fan favorite.

With the unique cabinet-style design and appealingly dark reddish-brown hues of a rosewood finish, the Chianti Medium Deluxe humidor is ideal for those wanting to get away from overly plain boxes colored a boring black. The conspicuous creation features gold-plated accents and a front-opening door with glass viewing pane, which makes an eye-catching centerpiece for any room or office. The steamed Spanish Cedar interior features three sliding cedar drawers with adorini’s RibTech ventilation ribs, which help to enhance the airflow around your cigars. Adding to the flexibility the humidor offers is yet another of adorini’s innovations, a drawer divider system with label clips that allows you to separate and better organize your cigars.

The humidor will accommodate over 125 standard Corona-size cigars, which are kept in optimal condition by adorini’s deluxe gold-plated acryl polymer-based humidifier. Adjustable ventilation openings let you refine the humidity level to meet your desired specifications. A pre-calibrated precision hair hygrometer is mounted onto the front of the center tray requiring just a quick peek to check humidity levels whether the humidor is open or closed.

The number one seller of adorini’s rosewood offerings, this humidor is a beautifully designed cube that will not only deliver optimal humidification for your cigars, it will also add a bit of pizazz to your cigar smoking adventures. With adorini’s lifetime warranty added to its impressive list of deluxe features, the Chianti Medium Deluxe is a cigar lover’s dream.

Brand: Adorini
Material of humidor case: Wood
Hygrometer: Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage
Material exterior veneer: Painted lacquer
Warranty: Adorini life-time warranty
Item ID: 11642
Dimensions (H x W x D): 240 mm x 240 mm x 240 mm
Color: Brown
Material inside veneer: Spanish cedar wood
Number of drawers: 3
Exterior finish: High gloss
EAN code: 4260412687558

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