adorini Aficionado Deluxe Cigar Cabinet

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 adorini Cigar Heaven Humidifier 2nd Generation $198
- Enjoy always fresh and perfectly conditioned cigars - Microprocessor controlled. Large digital LCD control. Improved air circulation. One refill lasts several months. Super quiet operation. No special liquids required. AC operation. Fits into basically all humidors.
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If you have been searching for a well-built cigar humidor to house your cigar collection and also want to show off a bit perhaps, the designers at adorini have come up with an excellent option for you that protects as well as displays your most prized cigars. The Aficionado Deluxe cigar cabinet is indeed an aficionado’s favorite that takes adorini’s deluxe set of features and pairs them with a uniquely efficient and attention-grabbing design.

A beautiful multi-lacquered ebony exterior is complemented by a brass lock and a pair of handles for convenient mobility. An integrated brass thermometer joins a precision hair hygrometer on the front panel for added elegance and easy viewing of the humidor’s climate. Separate openings reveal a diverse range of storage spaces for up to 400 Corona-size cigars. The top compartment features a glass viewing panel in the lid and an innovative Spanish cedar tray featuring adorini’s AirVent design for enhanced circulation. The front portion of the humidor which also features a glass viewing panel folds down to provide access to a second AirVent tray, box storage area and accessory drawer.

Each different level is lined by steamed Spanish cedar to provide optimal humidification throughout the cabinet by two of adorini’s deluxe gold-plated acryl polymer fleece humidifiers. These popular humidifiers utilize adjustable ventilation openings for added flexibility in humidity level control. No special additives are needed for these antibacterial, self-regulating humidifiers. Just add distilled water, shake out the excess, dry and install.

Innovative tray dividers and divider label clips add to this perennial best-seller’s versatility, making for a robust cigar storage solution that is all at once stylish, functional and well-organized. Whether for the home, office or for smaller commercial settings, the Aficionado Deluxe cigar cabinet is a favorite that will prove its worth again and again. Capacity for up to 400 corona cigars.

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EAN code: 4260128720471
Material: Wood
Finish: Wood
Material of humidor case: Wood
Special features: Integrated thermometer
Inner length of tray: 290 mm
Hygrometer: Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage
Humidifier: Yes
Lock and key to close the humidor: Yes
Item ID: 320
Inner width of tray: 520 mm
Brand: Adorini
Included dividers: 12
Trays: 2
Color: Brown, Brown
Drawers: 2
Length: 350 mm
Width: 570 mm

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