Adorini Cigar Heaven - 2nd generation - Upgrade

Adorini Cigar Heaven - electronic humidifier

4.4 (327 Ratings)

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  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
    Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
- Enjoy always fresh and perfectly conditioned cigars -
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Large digital LCD control.
  • Improved air circulation.
  • One refill lasts several months.
  • Super quiet operation.
  • No special liquids required.
  • AC operation.
  • Fits into basically all humidors.

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.4/5   (327 Ratings)
 59% (194 Ratings)
 29% (96 Ratings)
 6% (18 Ratings)
 1% (4 Ratings)
 5% (15 Ratings)
 25 Nov 2023

I can only recommend it!

 13 Jun 2023

High quality humidifier, absolutely needed for bigger size humidors.

 26 Jan 2023

Had minor difficulties with the power. Replacement came totally uncomplicated and the humidifier now runs great. Very good service by the way!

 03 Jan 2023


 28 Jun 2022

The product arrived quickly and without damage It works very well - I use it in duplicate of the humidifier delivered with the Adorini Chianti Deluxe and place on min - it has been working well for a good 3 weeks.

 12 Jan 2022

Excellent product, I believe that there is nothing else as practical and as functional on the market

 31 Dec 2021

Very good humidifier. The instructions could be a little more detailed. And I am looking for the optional bluetooth module In terms of delivery, nothing to complain about. Very well packaged and correct delivery time.

 07 Jul 2021

Well thought-out, functional humidifier for the highest demands!

 26 May 2021

Very good for maintaining the desired humidity level without constraint.

 13 Jan 2021

Great purchase.

 04 Dec 2020

Initial start-up was a bit tedious as it took almost a week to commute.

 11 Jun 2020

Everything great

 17 Jan 2020

Super easy to set up and completely automatic. For the moment the humidor is still being regulated but I'm very happy.

 31 Aug 2019

Great humidifier for lazy cigar lovers.

 01 Jul 2019

The Cigar Heaven is easy to set up and works great. I cannot say anything about durability yet. The manual could be better. How you place the Cigar Heaven in the humidor and then connect it to electricity is not mentioned.

 21 Jun 2019


 18 May 2019

Amazing humidifier!

 23 Nov 2018

Works perfectly, very nice!

 17 Sep 2018

Nice object, very easy to put into place. The perfect accessory to a humidor to have accurate information easy to obtain. However, it is expensive.

 02 Jul 2018

Great service and rapid shipment from HD.

 05 Jun 2017

I find the humidor's manual is not quite clear.

 04 Jun 2017

I use this product in my humidor Adorni Bari. It takes a while to prepare the humidor in order to work on its own because the humidor is quite large, but once the moisture has been stabilized, it can safely maintain the humidity! Recommended...

 26 Sep 2014

Good device that facilitates the monitoring of the humidor.

 25 Sep 2014

extraordinary, I enjoyed it

 12 Sep 2014

doesn't stick, hygrometer seems pretty off and you can only calibrate 5% -.use in a big humidor 300 , its really big.

 31 Aug 2014

The magnet does not stick on the walls of the humidor due to moisture

 08 Aug 2014

Easy to setup, easy to operate. Magnets in the back would be fantastic as the adhesive in the back isn't obviously designed for humidor use.

 21 Jun 2014

Everything works. A main power supply with cylindrical plug

 26 May 2014

It appears to, be a very easy to use.

 26 May 2014

Everything OK, further evaluation. Thanks

 24 Apr 2014

The upgrade is not optimal for my humidor. The cable management makes a proper closing of the humidor impossible. Will try to run it electronically.

 22 Apr 2014

Soooooooo much nicer having an active humidifier! I worry less, which is great when your humidor has some expensive cigars in it!

 02 Apr 2014

Tape not strong enough!

 17 Mar 2014

Product entirely consistent. Easy to implement.

 01 Mar 2014

Almost everything works fine except for the scratches on the surface which clearly indicate on a second generation.

 21 Feb 2014

Fits very well for Adorini Deluxe Habana.

 21 Feb 2014

Testing it. For now, it seems to perform more effectively than the Cigarspa for 269 -. Euros.

 31 Jan 2014

The sponge is in a vertical position (attached to the rear wall), in connection with the liquid sensor it is not optimal (max. 2 drops are displayed and refilling is displayed despite adequate fluid level). In general, the Cigar Spa is clearly better. Overall, considering the finishing and the performance, the price should be significantly less than €100 ...

 21 Jan 2014

Very good except the adhesive

 01 Dec 2013

The installation inside the humidor was not good. The adhesive tape did not hold the hygrometer in the humidor. It fell off again and again. I had to remove the adhesive tape and then, I glued the humidifier inside the humidor. Now it works flawlessly, I am satisfied.

 10 Aug 2013

this was a bonus present for my husband and he cant wait to try it out

 10 Aug 2013

Excellent, it does work perfectly! But beware it is large and imposing, think of lowering the tray of your humidor.

 08 Aug 2013

Very good device. Highly recommended. It ensures a constant circulation in the humidor.

 23 Jul 2013

Very good product.

 18 Jan 2013

works perfectly and could be compared to other systems. Highly recommended

 06 Jan 2013

Works very well after 2 weeks

 13 Dec 2012

So much easier than the manual example and it keeps the humidor in the perfect range. Cigars take longer to reach their best but their best is maintained for ever!

 22 Nov 2012

Very nice practical and functional

 13 Oct 2012

the product looks excellent but it is quite clear that it is not an upgrade but an additional humidifier so in the end you will pay two items to use only one

 28 Sep 2012

It works perfectly, the only flaw is the item finishing that is not really accurata.

 15 Sep 2012

Good device, easy to use, efficient.

 27 Aug 2012

Very good product. Ideal for long preservation of Cigars

 21 Jul 2012

Very good special action which allows the customer right from the start - to acquire a "delivers first-rate facilities" ...

 29 Jun 2012

Small and efficient. Can be attached to the lid by magnet and thus takes up very little space.

 22 Jun 2012

Function very well! But almost too big for the humidor!

 10 May 2012

Flat electric cable was installed backwards! - Now works perfectly!

 03 Apr 2012

In the description lacked an indication that you can use the included metal film without fear of adhesive-evaporations. Also, I'm not sure after studying the manual, if I used the sponge for now can use distilled water or special to me, should get used water with silver ions. The device itself works perfectly, the humidity remains constant, but the value differs by about 5 units with the included hair hygrometer. Conclusion: Super machine, maybe you should also enclose a little additional explanation.

 01 Mar 2012

Convenient device for automatic regulation of the climate in the humidor. Now and then my device does not recognize the humidifier sponge correctly so that it incorrectly reports an alarm.

 24 Dec 2011

Much faster than a passive system, this humidifier is very functional (magnetic plate, block detachable for maintenance). Its operation is not very intuitive at first, but the record is clear.

 20 Dec 2011

Excellent and essential for your humidor.

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