adorini Cigar Heaven - 2nd generation

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Adorini is renowned for exquisitely crafted humidors, as well as humidification devices, which are especially sought-after by cigar aficionados for their effectiveness in maintaining cigars at the optimal humidity. The Cigar Heaven electronic humidification system is the connoisseur’s choice found in some of the most prestigious cigar collections to be found anywhere on the globe.

The Cigar Heaven was chosen above all others as the official humidifier for the legendary Ramon Allones Perfectos Edicion Regional Suiza humidor and for Cohiba’s Festival de la Habanos humidor, which sold for a record 450 thousand euros. Whether for the rarest of cigar collections or solely for your favorite everyday cigars, the Cigar Heaven – 2nd Generation puts the very best in precision cigar humidification at your fingertips.

The calibratable device mounts to the lid of your humidor and is powered by a built-in Lithium-Ion battery, which holds a charge for up to four weeks. A low-battery alarm removes any thought of when to recharge, while a low water level alarm lets you know when it is time to add water to the reservoir, which can contain enough water to last approximately two months.

An exacting capacitive sensor works in unison with the individually adjustable humidity settings to provide precision humidity control ranging from 40 to 80 percent relative humidity. An LCD screen displays current humidity and temperature settings as well as minimum and maximum humidity levels. The LCD screen also displays a 3-day average of the humidity level, ensuring that you will always have an accurate measurement of the actual condition of your cigars.

Ideally suited for a broad array of tabletop humidors and smaller cabinet humidors, the Cigar Heaven offers you the knowledge that your cigars will always be safe and secure in an optimal environment. For that kind of peace of mind, the Cigar Heaven will prove a most rewarding investment.

EAN code: 4260128723502
Dimensions (H x W x D): 29 mm x 102 mm x 184 mm
Temperature units: Celsius & fahrenheit
Fixing: Magnet
Suitable for up to: 300 cigars
Colour: Gold
Humidity accuracy: 1.00
Coating: None
Item ID: 4420
Display: Digital
Material: ABS plastic
Product weight: 366 g
Interior sponge material: Sponge
Measurement mechanism: High accuracy capacitive sensor
Brand: Adorini

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