LED Humidor Light for L+M


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Whether you have a luxurious cigar humidor filled with priceless treasures or you have a basic everyday humidor filled with your favorite daily smokes, there is nothing more annoying than not having enough light to see your cigars. The experts at adorini have come up with yet another innovation that beautifully solves the problem. The adorini LED Humidor Light for L+M will shed light on your cigars so you can just grab and go!

This uniquely designed LED light easily fits into the RibTech interior found in adorini L and M size deluxe humidors and is just as easily removed for charging. It has an integrated battery that is charged via USB, so there is no need for pesky wires in your humidor. A motion sensor alerts the light to turn on and will automatically shut-off if sufficient light is detected. Don't be left in the dark. Shine a light on your stash with this practical addition to your treasure chest.
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