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For those who wish to take their cigar humidor to the next level, the addition of a high-quality thermometer is a must. The Humidor Thermometer from adorini is a great choice for updating humidors and is the perfect complement to the highly regarded adorini precision hair hygrometer.

Matching the compact size and luxurious gold finish of adorini’s small hair hygrometer, this classic thermometer delivers precision measurement that has been optimized by the manufacturer for cigars. The beautifully nostalgic instrument is made by expert craftspeople in the heart of Germany’s watchmaking industry, ensuring unmatched quality and reliability..

The elegant gold dial makes it effortless to glance at the current Celsius temperature readings, while its versatile size and shape make it a great fit almost anywhere. As with its humidity measuring counterpart, the thermometer features a small, easy to mount size and is fitted with a magnet for easy installation..

Ideal for almost any humidor and a perfect match for adorini’s small precision hair hygrometer, the Humidor Thermometer from adorini will wondrously enhance the look and functionality of your humidor. Ultimately it gives you peace of mind and lets you take pride in your improved and handsomely adorned humidor.
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Dimensions (H x W x D): 45 mm x 45 mm x 15 mm
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