replacement acrylic polymer fleece for adorini deluxe humidifier

Replacement Fleece for adorini Deluxe Humidifier

4.6 (358 Ratings)

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Found in the finest humidors the world over, adorini’s Deluxe Humidifier is a favorite amongst cigar aficionados who want dependable, low-maintenance humidification. In order to keep humidity regulation at its most optimal level, there will be a time when the humidifier needs a reboot. Adorini has just what you need to get things back up and running again with Replacement Fleece for adorini Deluxe Humidifier.

This replacement utilizes the same high-tech acryl polymer fleece as found in all of adorini’s Deluxe Humidifiers, delivering enhanced stability and faster adjustments to counter variations in humidity levels. The German-made fleece is also capable of holding more than its own volume in water, making for a highly efficient humidity control device.

Just remove the old fleece from the Deluxe Humidifier’s ABS plastic outer shell and add the replacement fleece. That’s it! You can get back to enjoying the quality humidity regulation that has made the adorini’s humidifier a best-seller from day one. The adjustable ventilation openings on the face of the humidifier will work as before, making it as easy as always to fine-tune the humidity levels to your tastes. Cost-effective and reliable, the Replacement Fleece for adorini Deluxe Humidifier is really like getting an all-new humidification system. Adorini recommends replacing the fleece annually.

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.6/5   (358 Ratings)
 73% (261 Ratings)
 20% (72 Ratings)
 4% (16 Ratings)
 1% (5 Ratings)
 1% (4 Ratings)
 26 Apr 2024

Thanks, everything worked out really well.

 17 Apr 2024

Best quality! Everything I buy from Adorini is always excellent value for money and the customer service is excellent.

 04 Feb 2024

Excellent product

 15 Dec 2023

Everything conforms to the order

 21 Apr 2023

Just replaced mine after a few years of use. Great product.

 08 Apr 2023

As always very satisfied, thank you.

 27 Jun 2022

A little expensive but perfect.

 19 May 2022

Excellent product like all of this brand.

 16 Feb 2022

Compliant to replace the original.

 24 Aug 2021


 12 Jun 2021

Good hydration

 03 Apr 2021

Ideally suited to its use in the home.

 30 Sep 2020

Well received, it does the job perfectly.

 16 Sep 2020


 06 Aug 2020

Both products were okay and well packaged, thank you

 18 Jun 2020


 15 May 2020

The product meets expectations. Fast shipping, I recommend your purchase at discount Humidor.

 19 Mar 2020

Super and efficient

 15 Mar 2020

not yet tested but looks like the old one. Comes with a small screwdriver to open the humidifier.

 27 Feb 2020

With the humidor came the deluxe humidifier. I have verified that since I changed the polymer from the original to the replacement, the latter does not fit perfectly in the humidifier. The humidifier seemed more consistent with the original sponge. Of course, it fulfills the function of humidifying.

 25 May 2019

High absorption rate. High price.

 07 Feb 2019

Now my humidifier is like new again.

 30 Dec 2018

Meets my expectations, provided with a small screwdriver.

 19 May 2018

Good product, the previous lasted more than three years, too long perhaps, but it's very effective.

 10 Jun 2017

Perfect to replace the original fleece.

 31 Aug 2015

very good product.

 17 May 2015

Product is good but you should receive more detailed information about its use.

 12 May 2015

Fits exactly!

 01 May 2015

Useful tip: Add one to any order you make to avoid having to make a purchase just for this item, due to the minimum order amount required for free shipping.

 10 Apr 2015

Works very well.

 23 Feb 2015

Necessary to change every 1-1.5 years. This is the optimal solution to maintain a stable humidity close to 70%

 07 Feb 2015

Super effective!

 19 Jan 2015


 19 Jan 2015

Simple and uncomplicated

 22 Dec 2014

Difficult to open the humidifier. Screws torn off (opened for the first time)

 28 Jul 2014

Product conforms to the original and my expectations. Nice small screwdriver to open the humidifier.

 20 Jul 2014

Comes with a screwdriver. Made in Germany !!

 09 May 2014


 25 Apr 2014

Very well but I find it a bit over-sized for the size of the humidor.

 03 Apr 2014

as described, very good product

 30 Mar 2014

product corresponds to expectations

 29 Mar 2014

The product conforms to the description

 16 Mar 2014

I have not used the product, but it reached me well packed and in good condition, like the rest.

 27 Feb 2014


 19 Feb 2014

Perfect Thanks

 13 Feb 2014

Appreciate the fact that it actually comes with a small screwdriver.

 13 Jan 2014

sometimes required..

 12 Jan 2014

Unused yet since it was already included in the humidifier of my adorini humidor. But will serve for replacement after 1 year.

 09 Jan 2014

like the original one, good

 27 Dec 2013

Does what it says.

 29 Oct 2012


 20 Jul 2012

Perfect replacement for the original.

 17 Jul 2012


 25 May 2012

Perfect service. Highly recommended. Goods as described. Price-performance perfectly Ordnung.Vielen thanks.

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