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The town of Glashütte is world renowned as home to some of the finest luxury watches Germany has to offer. With this legendary reputation for the finest in precision instruments, it is no surprise that the region should also be home to the manufacture of the absolute best precision hygrometers. The level of expertise needed to create these devices is nothing short of extraordinary and the adorini Hair Hygrometer beautifully shows off that skill, making it an ideal option for any smaller sized humidor.

Hailed by the editors of Cigar Aficionado magazine for its “precision, elegance and simplicity,” this pre-calibrated hygrometer delivers the most precise humidity measuring possible thanks to a highly-accurate and maintenance-free synthetic hair. Hair hygrometers operate by way of a hair being stretched by a metal spring and then attached to a needle. As the humidity level changes, so too does the length of the hair, which moves the needle to the corresponding humidity level on the hygrometer’s analog dial. Since synthetic hair is used, there is no need for greasing the hair or any other necessary tasks to maintain its functionality properly. Just mount it and watch it work its magic.

The precision hygrometer can show a range of relative humidity from 20% to 90% and has been optimized by the manufacturer specifically to capture the highest range of accuracy at 65% to 75% relative humidity, making it a perfect option for properly maintaining cigars. A beautiful gold finish and small footprint make adorini’s Hair Hygrometer Small a perfect choice for monitoring your cigars no matter the storage container. Whether you need a hygrometer for a new humidor or simply need to dust off the cobwebs and update an old one, this precision hygrometer is a classic you can trust.
Item ID: 11245
Brand: Adorini
Depth: 22 mm
Color: Gold
Outside diameter of chamber: 45 mm
EAN code: 4260128720259
Measurement mechanism: Synthetic hair

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