Horizontal Divider for Humidors - 80mm x 45mm x 5mm

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The innovative divider system in adorini deluxe humidors has become a favorite option for cigar lovers everywhere. The Horizontal Divider for Humidors – 80mm x 45mm x 5mm is especially suited for the task of giving you greater flexibility in organizing your cigars.

This Spanish cedar divider provides horizontal division of cigars for use with adorini’s popular humidors: Torino, Torino Cedro, Triest, Firenze, Modena, Venezia, Sorrente, Milan, Venezia Grande, Sorrente, Chianti Medium, Chianti Grande, Genova and Vega from their deluxe line.
Brand: Adorini
Coating: None
Weight: 10 g
EAN code: 4260128723120
Item ID: 1673
Dimensions (H x W x D): 5 mm x 45 mm x 80 mm

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