adorini Hair Hygrometer Silver

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On the surface, most hygrometers might look the same, but as veteran cigar connoisseurs can attest, not all hygrometers are created equal. Only the best will deliver the high-accuracy needed to properly manage cigar humidification. To that end, the folks at adorini have turned to hygrometer-making experts in the heart of Germany’s watchmaking industry. Created near the town of Glashütte, home to some of the most luxurious watches in the world, adorini’s Hair Hygrometer Silver offers the perfect blend of precision instrumentation and alluring style that make it an all-around winning option for all.

Dressed in an opulent silver finish, the precision hair hygrometer delivers incredibly accurate humidity readings that can only come about through expertise and attention to detail. This allows for the intricate process of a synthetic hair being stretched by a metal spring and attached to a needle. As humidity changes, the hair changes in length and, in turn, moves the needle to mark the humidity level on the face of the easy-to-read white dial. Using synthetic hair for this process means you don’t have to fool around with greasing the hair or any other frustrating maintenance issues. Just place the hygrometer in your humidor, and you won’t have to mess with it again!

Versatile enough to measure relative humidity from 20% to 90%, this hygrometer has been optimized by the manufacturer to achieve its highest accuracy at 65% to 75% relative humidity, making it the perfect choice for watching over your favorite cigars. The editors of Cigar Aficionado magazine singled out adorini’s precision hair hygrometer, suggesting that as hygrometers go, this has “everything that a cigar smoker values.” Sure to go down as one of the all-time greats, the Hair Hygrometer Silver from adorini is a hygrometer you can trust.
EAN code: 4260327150444
Temperature units: Celsius
Brand: Adorini
Material: ABS plastic
Humidity accuracy: +-2,5%
Dimensions (H x W x D): 2 mm x 67 mm x 67 mm
Measurement mechanism: Synthetic hair
Fixing: Magnet
Item ID: 4386
Humidity range: 20-90% % relative humidity
Coating: None
Colour: Silver, Silver
Display: Analog
Temperature range: None celsius
Temperature accuracy: None
Product weight: 28 g

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