adorini Genuine Leather Cigar Case for 2 Double Coronas

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Adorini is a name that cigar lovers have come to trust for delivering the finest in cigar humidors and accessories. For those cigar lovers on the go, adorini offers a fantastic line-up of quality cigar cases ideal for almost any occasion. One of the favorites is the adorini Genuine Leather Cigar Case for 2 Double Coronas, which offers luxurious, high-quality leather, impeccable craftsmanship and alluring style. This treasure is one case you can count on.

The deeply textured black leather makes for a stunning look that is sure to catch everyone’s eye, while the interior is lined with steamed Spanish cedar veneer to provide toughness and the optimal environment for two cigars up to a Double Corona in size. The adjustable length of the case gives you the flexibility to carry different sizes of your favorite smokes. This way you can always have the perfect cigar for just the right occasion each and every time.

A flexible divider system is another helpful feature that keeps the case organized and limits the movement of cigars while in transit. Have several smaller cigars or just need a little extra space? Not a problem, just remove the Spanish cedar divider and you have extra room to add another cigar. The case’s cigar band view lets you see the cigars at the ready without having to remove them from the case, limiting the possibility of damage and getting you a step closer to enjoying your tasty smokes.

Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion in style or you need a high-quality case for safe, short-term transport of your cigars, the Genuine Leather Cigar Case for 2 Double Coronas is a stellar choice that won’t let you down.

Weight: 114 g
Interior cedar wood lining: Yes
Material: Genuine leather
Width: 73 mm
Depth: 158 mm
EAN code: 4260327152400
Largest cigar vitolas: Churchill
Colour: Black
Coating: Genuine Leather
Brand: Adorini
For: 3 cigars
Equipped with hygrometer: No
Item ID: 6551

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