Adorini cigar case high-grade steel 1 cigar Cedar Adorini cigar case high-grade steel 1 cigar Cedar Adorini cigar case high-grade steel 1 cigar Cedar Adorini cigar case high-grade steel 1 cigar Cedar Adorini cigar case high-grade steel 1 cigar Cedar
Adorini cigar case high-grade steel 1 cigar Cedar

adorini Individual Cigar Case Cedar

4.3 (89 Ratings)

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While many cigar cases found today are made for two, three or even more cigars, sometimes you just need a little extra protection for one and only one cigar. Why lug around a bulky, oversized case if you don’t need it! For just such situations,adorini has come up with the perfect solution for the cigar aficionado on the go: the Individual Cigar Case Cedar.

Solidly built of high-quality stainless steel with a pleasing satin finish, this popular case has been updated to accommodate larger cigars, giving you the flexibility to take almost any cigar of 180mm in length with a 50-ring gauge. The interior is lined with Spanish cedar veneer, providing the very best environment for your cigar. Integrated into the high-grade steel lid is a humidifier that makes the 1-cigar case a miniature humidor that will keep your treasured smokes in optimal condition while you are on the move, whether it be for the day, overnight or extended periods of time.

Heavy-duty enough to withstand the rigors of travel, yet compact enough to stash almost anywhere, this adorini-branded case is an ideal option for those looking to keep a cigar always at the ready no matter the setting. From a shirt pocket or briefcase to golf bag, glove box or carry-on bag, this convenient accessory is so good you will want to keep one in every possible place where you can have cigars always at the ready. Give your most treasured cigars all the style and protection they deserve while on the move and get the adorini Individual Cigar Case Cedar today. Are you looking for a great gift option? Get one of these expertly crafted single cigar cases, insert a cigar and watch the recipient light up with a smile.

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1 cigars
Product weight:
130 g
Largest cigar vitolas:
Interior cedar wood lining:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
1 in x 1 in x 8.3 in
Equipped with hygrometer:

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.3/5   (89 Ratings)
 61% (54 Ratings)
 21% (19 Ratings)
 12% (11 Ratings)
 2% (2 Ratings)
 3% (3 Ratings)
 29 Jul 2020

Very nice and practical product with its humidifier capsule!

 05 May 2020

Beautiful and really massive!

 23 Jan 2020

Slightly too narrow, 50’s do not fit.

 27 Dec 2019

Very well done! The only very small flaw is that the veneer (at least in my case) near the cap is a bit damaged. Too bad, otherwise it would have been perfect.

 10 Dec 2019

Great product, arrived on the due date.

 09 Dec 2019

For smaller sizes is good, but cigars can easily get stuck in the case and are then difficult to get out.

 14 Oct 2019

Fully satisfied with the quality, fulfills my expectations.

 17 Jul 2019

Just the right size for my jacket!

 30 Sep 2018

Slightly long and heavy, but all sizes fit and it's useful.

 05 May 2017

Well, nice and solid designed providing excellent protection for your valuable cigars. Keep it open in the humidor for the appropriate humidity of the cedar lining and ready when it's needed.

 07 Feb 2015

Excellent product. Beautiful design and small humidifier inside is very effective!

 01 Jan 2015

Had imagined it thicker - my 52-cigar again does not fit!

 02 Jun 2014

Very beautiful and impressive case. Had to give immediately colleagues in the office as soon as got out of the box))) I will still order, but also interpretation for themselves.

 31 Mar 2014

Very solid material bit heavy but perfect for a Esplendidos!

 14 Mar 2014

Perfect service. Nice product.

 17 Feb 2014

very good

 10 Aug 2013

It is unfortunate that the template mini robusto does not fit ...