adorini Double Cigar Case High-Grade Steel Satin Finish/Cedar

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As many cigar connoisseurs have discovered, not all cigar cases are created equal. When it comes to your cigars, you should never have to settle for less. When you are out and about for the day, you are traveling overnight or you just need to have a couple of cigars at the ready on the golf course, a cigar case should be able to protect and preserve your cigars in optimal condition no matter where no matter when. The folks at adorini offer a fantastic case that does all this and more: The adorini-branded Double Cigar Case High-Grade Steel.

This all-star accessory is crafted out of sturdy high-grade stainless steel with an appealing satin finish and reinforced midsection that offers long-lasting durability with more than a dash of elegance. With its updated size and Spanish cedar veneer lining, the case provides the perfect protection for two cigars up to 180mm x 50 with room to spare.

The case is a miniature humidor with a humidifier integrated into the lid to deliver just the right amount of humidity to your cigars, no matter where your travels take you. No more worrying about dried out cigars or frustration in trying to keep your cigars in the proper condition to fuller be enjoyed. Rest assured, your cigars will always be at their optimal level.

From its toughness and humidity control capability to its versatility and style, the Double Cigar Case High-Grade Steel Satin Finish/Cedar delivers everything you could want from a cigar case. Add one to your briefcase, one for your golf bag, even one for your car and you will always have a well-preserved, properly humidified cigar ready to be enjoyed at a moment’s notice. With space for engraving, this beauty also makes for a great gift with the extra personal touch.

Made of: Stainless steel
Largest cigar vitolas: Churchill
Interior size: 188 mm
Colour: Silver
Inner diameter: 2 mm
Brand: Adorini
Capacity: 2 cigars
Exterior size: 200 mm
EAN code: 4260128723496

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