Boveda 2 Way Humidifier 65% 320g Boveda 2 Way Humidifier 65% 320g photo 2 Boveda 2 Way Humidifier 65% 320g photo 3
Boveda 2 Way Humidifier 65% 320g

Boveda 2 Way Humidifier 65% 320g

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Boveda 2-Way Humidifier 65%

The Boveda 2-Way Humidifier, now available in a 320-gram pack with a humidity level of 65%, is designed to cater to the needs of cigar enthusiasts with a preference for lower humidity levels. This pack is suitable for larger humidors or storage boxes, providing reliable humidity control for up to 100 cigars.

For humidors housing up to 100 cigars, a single 320-gram Boveda pack at 65% humidity is recommended. The 2-way humidification system ensures a precise balance, preventing excessive moisture and maintaining an optimal environment for your cigars.

As with all Boveda products, the 2-Way Humidifier in 65% is a disposable solution, making it a convenient and hassle-free option for maintaining consistent humidity levels. Elevate your cigar storage experience with the trusted performance of Boveda.

About Boveda: Boveda is renowned for its commitment to providing high-quality humidification products, ensuring that your cigars are stored in the best possible conditions.

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