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Hydrocase 'Professional Edition'

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Electronic Humidifier Hydrocase

For all cigar enthusiasts who have not yet upgraded their humidor with an electronic precision humidifier due to space constraints, now is the time! With the powerful yet compact electronic humidifier Hydrocase, you can give your cigars the humidity control they deserve.
The German-made Hydrocase offers excellent humidity control for up to 300 cigars. The active humidification system features built-in fans controlled by a powerful microprocessor. The programmable device continuously monitors the humidity. If the humidity falls below 69%, the device circulates air with humidification. If the humidity exceeds 72%, the fans circulate air without humidification. The Hydrocase also utilizes passive humidification and limited evaporation to further regulate humidity, ensuring a consistent and ideal environment for your cigars.
From the new version in 2024, the Hydrocase features several improvements:

  • More Accurate Humidity Measurement: The sensor is now located on the front of the device, near the air intake. This ensures more accurate humidity measurement directly in the area where the cigars are stored, rather than inside the device.

  • Easier Sensor Replacement: The sensor is no longer attached to the main circuit board but is mounted on a convenient socket. This allows for easy replacement if necessary, for example, in the event of a rare defect due to resin deposits.

  • Improved Slider Control: The combination of optical sensor control and step frequency control of the motor ensures more precise regulation of humidity supply. The term "slider" refers to a movable part in the humidifier that regulates the amount of moisture supplied. This slider opening can be adjusted to allow more or less moisture into the humidor. Optical sensors can detect if a light beam is interrupted, which is used in the humidifier to determine the slider's position very accurately. In summary, this means that the electronic humidifier can more precisely control the moisture supply in the humidor through the combination of these technologies. This creates a more consistent and stable humidity environment for the cigars.

  • Individually Adjustable Humidity: While the old model was set to a fixed humidity level of 70%, the new Hydrocase Professional Edition allows for individual humidity settings. Using a rotary switch next to the reset button, the humidity can be adjusted in 1% increments within the range of 63-78%.

The aesthetically pleasing Hydrocase is not much larger than traditional humidifiers found in most standard humidors, so it does not require much additional space in your humidor. You don't even have to deal with cumbersome cables or plugs, as the device is powered by a single CR123 lithium battery.
With its efficient design and robust humidity control, the Hydrocase is a great choice to transform your standard humidor into a powerful, electronically controlled place for your cigar collection.

Interior humidifier material:
EAN code:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
1.1 in x 3.3 in x 7.2 in
Made of:
ABS plastic
Desiged for humidors with capacity up to:
200 cigars
Product weight:
9.5 oz

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 27 Jul 2021

Does what it should :-)

 16 Jun 2015

I have only had it for a short time but whenever I look in the humidor the humidity is accurate.

 25 Jul 2013

Good thing. Unfortunately, a little thicker than described (tape)

 01 Jul 2012

Good product at a good price

 03 Jun 2012

Does what it promises. I cannot regret the purchase and can recommend the device.

 25 Feb 2012

Very good product works smoothly and very accurate (I measured it). Easy to install.

 21 Jan 2012

Safer and easier, you can Zigarrren his "care" is not

 20 Dec 2014
 24 Apr 2014
 02 Sep 2013
 27 Nov 2012
 15 Apr 2012
 15 Dec 2011
 14 Dec 2011
 23 Jun 2011
 26 Mar 2011