adorini Hair Hygrometer Small Silver adorini Hair Hygrometer Small Silver adorini Hair Hygrometer Small Silver adorini Hair Hygrometer Small Silver adorini Hair Hygrometer Small Silver photo 2
adorini Hair Hygrometer Small Silver photo 2

adorini Hair Hygrometer Small Silver

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Any cigar aficionado in search of a hygrometer to gauge their humidor’s humidity levels are sure to have success with a precision hair hygrometer. These intricately designed tools ensure the utmost accuracy in humidity measurement. Some of the best are created in the heart of Germany’s watchmaking industry near the town of Glashütte, an area famous for some of the world’s finest luxury timepieces. It is here that adorini has turned for the expertise that only the region’s renowned craftspeople could provide to create the adorini Hair Hygrometer Small Silver.

The pre-calibrated analog hygrometer is sure to set your humidor apart with a pleasing white face against a stylish silver finish that perfectly lends a dash of modernity to the all-time classic design. While handsome in its detail, the hygrometer truly shines with its highly-accurate synthetic hair measuring system. This incredibly precise operation centers around a hair which is stretched by a metal spring and attached to the needle visible on the front of the hygrometer. When the humidity level changes, the length of the hair changes in response, moving the needle to the corresponding level on the dial.

As the editors of Cigar Aficionado magazine touted, “The performance is impressive, especially given that the unit comes pre-calibrated and ready to go." That’s another great thing about this hygrometer, using synthetic hair means there is no maintenance required. With its compact size and easy-to-mount magnet, all you have to do is place it in your humidor and you are done. That’s it!

With a range of relative humidity from 20% to 90%, this precision hair hygrometer has been optimized by the manufacturer for the best range of accuracy at 65% to 75% relative humidity, the optimal level for cigars. The adorini Hair Hygrometer Small Silver is an all-star that will bring a little flair to your cigar humidor while delivering the very best in precision humidity measurement.

EAN code:
Measurement mechanism:
Synthetic hair
0.9 in
Humidity range:
20-90 % relative humidity
Outer diameter:
1.8 in
Humidity accuracy:

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 25 May 2021

Good service, fast shipping and I am satisfied with the product.

 01 Apr 2021


 21 Jan 2021

Hygrometer of excellent workmanship and precision!

 29 May 2020

Exactly what I ordered; efficient.

 27 Feb 2020


 19 Apr 2019

Great product.

 16 Mar 2019

A small version compared to the old but very precise.

 18 Aug 2022
 02 Feb 2021
 21 Nov 2020
 28 Nov 2019
 09 May 2019