adorini Humidor Humidifier Solution 100ml

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Sometimes adding water to your acrylic polymer humidifier just isn’t enough to do the job right, and that’s where the adorini Humidor Humidifier Solution comes in. This humidifier liquid offers just what you need to keep your humidifier functioning at its best, ensuring that your cigars are always perfectly maintained and ready for enjoyment.

The liquid is not just your ordinary everyday distilled water, but a specially developed solution that helps to preserve your cigars, as well as aid in prolonging the life of your humidifier. Silver ions have been added to the mix for longer-lasting humidity control as well as highly desirable antibacterial properties. The resulting fluid gives your humidification device all that it needs to maintain consistently stable humidity levels.

Adorini’s Humidor Humidifier Solution will enhance each of adorini’s acryl polymer-based humidifiers, as well as any other humidifiers that need a little extra boost. This solution will have you wondering how you got along without it. With this solution in your humidifier, you will have peace of mind in knowing that all is well within your humidor, and that is just plain good news all around.
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