adorini Humidor Tube with Golden Hygrometer adorini Humidor Tube with Golden Hygrometer adorini Humidor Tube with Golden Hygrometer adorini Humidor Tube with Golden Hygrometer adorini Humidor Tube with Golden Hygrometer adorini Humidor Tube with Golden Hygrometer
adorini Humidor Tube with Golden Hygrometer

adorini Humidor Tube with Golden Hygrometer

4,5 (12 Ratings)

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Just about every traveling cigar aficionado has at one time or another encountered the frustration of going to light up their one cigar only to discover the cigar was damaged or just too dried out to smoke. While it would be nice to be able to bring the safety and humidity control of a full-size humidor, it just wouldn’t be practical for only one cigar. The adorini team has come up with an incredible solution to this problem, however, with a humidor for one: The adorini Tube Humidor with Hygrometer.

Surely the smallest fully functioning humidor on the market today, this wondrous treasure is formed out of gold-colored aluminum for a sturdy yet light in weight humidor case, which easily holds one Churchill-size cigar. The unique design of this miniature humidor allows for the use of a hygrometer at one end of the tube so that you can double-check the humidity level with just a glance.

Are you going on an extended trip? No worries! A cap on the other end of the tube unscrews to reveal a built-in humidifier which ensures your cigar gets just the right amount of humidity no matter where your destination lies or the duration. Just keep it filled as needed, and you have yourself a reliable cigar humidor for one!

With its stripped down to the basics construction, pleasing look and indispensable humidity control, the adorini Tube Humidor is simply the ideal way to transport that special cigar safely and securely. No matter where you go, your cigar will be in optimal condition and ready for action. From your car to your golf bag and beyond, collect several of these mini-humidors and keep them anywhere you enjoy your cigar smoking escapes. These humidor tubes also make great gifts for that special cigar-loving someone.
Inner diameter:
2.5 mm
Inner length:
20.4 mm
EAN code:
Cigar format:
Made of:
Stainless steel
Integrated hygrometer:
Inner lining of spanish cedar wood:
Exterior size:
219 mm
Item ID:
1 cigars

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 4.5/5   (12Ratings)
 67% (8 Ratings)
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 17% (2 Ratings)
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 0% (0 Ratings)
 22 May 2017
Translated from original in French

Product of very good quality, but I poorly estimated the size. It is not suitable for my favorite cigars. I wanted this product as a travel humidor for my outdoor adventures. Unfortunately it is quite large and my Vitals touch inside and might get damaged.

 21 May 2017
Translated from original in Spanish

Excellent service and excellent product.

 05 May 2017

Looks great. Solid, protective design for your valuabe cigars. It is the only one big enough for "gigante" vitolas. I received one with a defective hygrometer (-20% of actual humidity) and couldn't calibrate it. No problem getting a new replacement that works excellently. Keep it opened in your stationary humidor to ensure the appropriate humidity of the cedar lining ready to use when it's needed with the moistened humidifier.

 24 Feb 2014
Translated from original in Spanish

Simpler than it looks on the photos

 10 Aug 2021
 05 Oct 2019
 25 Jul 2019
 30 Jul 2017
 28 Jul 2017
 17 May 2017
 06 Jun 2015
 14 Nov 2014