Davidoff cigar case leather R-2 brown 3


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There is no better source for sophisticated cigar accessories in the world today than those from Davidoff of Geneva. Revered by cigar connoisseurs everywhere, Davidoff has released a special series of cigar cases inspired by three stages of the cigar-making process: the tobacco leaf, the curing of tobacco, and the enjoyment of a cigar. This last stage is beautifully represented by the R-2 Enjoyment Cigar Case Brown Leather.

This unique case is expertly crafted in Spain using the best of genuine cowhide leather, providing a soft yet secure place to store your cigars while on the go, the case is ideal for robusto-size cigars of up to a 56-ring gauge and will adjust to accommodate cigars of varying lengths.

The R-2 Enjoyment Cigar Case would be an elegant piece on its own with its alluring dark brown leather, yet the addition of a contemporary wavy line pattern truly sets it apart. Created by a special laser marking process, the captivating design suggests the final stage of enjoying a cigar.

Celebrate the joys of cigar smoking everywhere you go with this handsome cigar case that ensures your cigars will arrive at the destination safely and in unparalleled style. Get all three cases in the series to create the ultimate cigar case collection.
Dimensions (H x W x D): 25 mm x 55 mm x 120 mm
Colour: Brown
Brand: Davidoff
Weight: 50 g
Material: Leather
EAN code: 7623500346879
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