Davidoff cigar case XL-3 leather brown curing


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Davidoff of Geneva is at the forefront of luxury cigar accessory design, and nowhere is it more apparent than with their line of cigar cases created to celebrate the three stages of a cigar: the Leaf, the Curing and the Enjoyment. One of the big favorites of the series is the Davidoff XL-3 Curing Cigar Case Brown Leather.

This lovely creation is crafted in Spain using genuine cowhide leather, which features a sophisticated overlay design applied by a special laser marking technique. Combining the classic with the modern, the case is tailor-made for three cigars of up to a 60-ring gauge and can be adjusted for length.

The XL-3 Curing Cigar Case will get everyone’s attention with its dark brown leather dressed in a contemporary hanging leaf pattern meant to represent the curing stage of cigars. Keeping your cigars safe while traveling has never looked so good.

No matter where you are headed, you can rest assured that your cigars will arrive in perfect shape thanks to this expertly crafted case. Its impeccable quality, supple leather and unique style make it a great choice for any cigar enthusiasts looking to celebrate the cigar experience. For the ultimate cigar case collection, get all three designs.
Capacity for up to 3 corona cigars.

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Dimensions (H x W x D): 25 mm x 80 mm x 160 mm
Colour: Brown
Equipped with hygrometer: No
Weight: 101 g
Material: Leather
EAN code: 7623500333923

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