Leather cigar cases

Leather cigar cases

Humidors are fine at home or the office, but when you want to take your favorite cigars along with you, you’ll need something a little more practical. Humidor Discount is here to help with a great selection of leather cigar cases that will get your cigars to their destination intact and in style.

Why a Leather Cigar Case?

Leather cigar cases are extremely popular due in large part to their versatility and wide range of styles. Leather cases not only bring a timeless look and feel to your cigar experience but can also deliver a variety of attributes that make them ideal for any occasion:

  • Lightweight design that can be carried comfortably in a jacket pocket
  • Construction that is pleasing to the touch yet rigid enough to protect cigars
  • A variety of available shapes and sizes, many with adjustable lengths for added flexibility
  • A pleasing leathery scent that nicely complements the aroma of cigars

    Whether traditional black or brown leather or more colorful designs, you are sure to find a leather case that fits your needs.

    Types of Leather Cigar Cases

    There are many different leather case designs from which to choose. So, a brief look at a few of the most popular types you might consider.

    Telescoping Soft Leather Case
    These, the most popular leather cigar cases, deliver a great blend of supple feel and basic protection for your cigars. This case features a two-part design, usually with a top section sliding over a bottom section. The Cohiba Three Finger Leather Case is a best-selling example.

    This gives you the flexibility to slide the case to fit a wide range of cigar lengths. Many of these cases can feature stitched ridges or "fingers" that provide a more secure place for cigars of a particular ring size. This type of case is generally less rigid, so it will not offer crush-proof protection for your cigars. This consideration aside, a telescoping leather case is ideal for day trips to the golf course, business settings, nights on the town, or other occasions you might want a case that offers a touch of style and versatility.

    Leather-wrapped Hard Case
    If you want a case that will provide more protection to cigars, limiting that chance of being crushed or damaged during transit, then a leather-wrapped hard case is a great choice. These cigar cases give you a look and feel of leather, and they provide the addition of a hard, protective barrier to keep cigars safe while on the move. What these cases may give up in their bulkier size, they more than make up for in elegance and peace of mind.

    Leather-wrapped hard cases are available in a variety of styles to fit a myriad of occasions. Exquisite examples often have wood accents and Spanish cedar interiors, as well as a telescoping design. The classic adorini Real Leather Case for 2-3 Cigars Brown is a best-seller. For a more sophisticated touch, the 3 to 5 cigar capacity adorini Genuine Leather Cigar Case Black 3/5 features a real wood top and bottom to complement its leather exterior and Spanish cedar lining with dividers.

    Leather Pouch Case
    A pouch-style cigar case is a great choice for those who don't want the hassle of a two-piece telescoping case. These cases are available in soft or hard variations and generally feature an easy-to-access flap that keeps cigars covered until it is time to smoke.

    While not as compact in size as other cases, there are great values found in this category. Whether looking to get your first leather cigar case or simply in search of a different case for those trips to the driving range, a leather pouch case is a great option. The classic Double Cigar Case Black Leather is an all-around favorite and a great value.

    Leather Cigar Bag
    A bigger brother of the pouch case, a leather cigar bag is the premier choice for the voyaging cigar connoisseur. Leather cigar bags typically have a larger cigar capacity, holding six or more cigars. Many will offer added space for credit cards, cigar cutters and other cigar accessories, as well as a protective zipper closure. The adorini Cigar Bag Real Leather Red Topstitching is a great example.

    While much larger than standard leather cigar cases, leather cigar bags ensure you are always prepared to enjoy a cigar no matter where your travels take you. For a unique and nostalgic twist on the leather cigar bag, adorini's wondrously rustic Cigar Roll Real Leather Brown is an instant conversation starter.

    Treat Yourself to a Leather Cigar Case

    Leather cigar cases offer sophistication without pretense and functionality that is never bland or boring. No matter the type of case you desire, there are many fine leather cigar cases from which to choose. Step up your cigar smoking game and find your ideal leather cigar case today.
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