Whether storing just a few smokes or building a large collection, keep your cigars in optimal condition with a high-quality humidifier. Humidifiers help provide the perfect environment for your cigars inside their temporary home with you, from desktop humidors and luxurious cabinet humidors to do-it-yourself creations.

What is a Humidifier?

A humidifier is a device that distributes and regulates the moisture in a given space to ensure premium cigars are kept in the best possible condition, ideally between 68% and 74% relative humidity. Keeping cigars in this range prevents tobacco from cracking due to dryness and limits the chance of cigars splitting open or developing mold due to an excess of moisture.

Cigar makers craft cigars with particular humidity levels in mind to provide the best combination of combustion, body, and taste. So, humidity is critical to the proper care and, ultimately, enjoyment of your cigars. That's where a humidifier comes in.

Humidifier Types

All humidifiers feature a means of storing water and dispersing moisture throughout your cigar storage space. Yet, there are many variations from which to choose and it’s important to know which will better serve your particular needs. While numerous shapes and sizes and various materials are used, humidifiers can be divided into two distinct types: passive and active.

Passive Humidifiers

The most common humidifiers available today, passive humidifiers, are simple and easy to maintain. They work by simply releasing humidity into a space until the desired humidity level is achieved. Humidifiers utilizing foam, gel, fleece, or other water-absorbing materials are examples of passive humidification.

The best humidifiers of this type are sophisticated, self-regulatingcreations that use acrylic polymers for optimal humidity control and mold prevention. These options, such as the adorini Deluxe Premium Humidifier, are efficient and highly versatile options for a wide range of cigar storage solutions.

Active Humidifiers

More advanced systems than your standard passive units, active humidifiers provide high-powered electronic humidity control. These humidifiers work with onboard sensors to adjust the amount of moisture in the cigar storage area. Some larger devices also use motorized fans to circulate the air and humidity better.

Electronic humidifiers can range from basic designs to elaborate devices that control humidity, temperature, customized climate programs, and even warn of low water levels in the reservoir. These humidifiers are preferred options for cabinet style or walk-in humidors. Recent advancements in design and technology have made active humidifiers, such as the versatile CigarSpa Electronic Humidification System, suitable for desktop humidors as well.

Choosing a Humidifier

Humidifiers are of many shapes, sizes, and types, so there are a few things to consider that will help you select the best humidifying solution.

What is the size of the humidor or storage space?

Consider the size of the space and the number of cigars on average which need to be kept humidified. If you have a humidor with a cigar capacity of 50 to 100 cigars, for example, then an adorini Deluxe Humidor Humidifier is a great option. Larger cabinet humidors, on the other hand, require humidifiers optimized for larger areas. Electronic humidifiers, such as the Le Veil LV XL Electronic Humidification System, are ideal for more extensive cigar collections.

Is there adequate space for the humidifier?

Unless you are just replacing your old humidifier with another of the same brand and model, you will need to ensure that you have enough space in the humidor for the humidifier you want to buy. The humidifier should be placed so it can freely distribute humidity, avoiding direct contact with the cigars. Also, make sure it won't act as an impediment to the seal of the humidor or otherwise interfere with lid closure. Some humidors might have a humidifier holder that will only accommodate a certain size or shape. So, if you are replacing an old humidifier, always compare its dimensions with those of possible replacement candidates.

Active or passive humidification?

Passive humidifiers offer great value and versatility, allowing you to humidify cigars almost anywhere. Passive humidification is a good choice for smaller desktop humidors or smaller cigar collections. Just be prepared for habitual maintenance of passive humidifiers, regularly adding distilled water and, occasionally, a cigar humidity solution, such as the popular Humidor Humidifier Solution from adorini.

Active humidifiers provide enhanced climate control for larger storage areas while also offering less routine maintenance. Some active humidifiers have water reservoirs that only need to be filled every few months instead of every couple of weeks, plus there is no guesswork involved, they notify you when you need to top up the water level. Consider where you plan to place your humidor, as many of these electronic units need to be near a power outlet and alterations to the humidor might be required to accommodate a power cord. If this is a concern, then battery-powered devices, such as CigarSpa's high-tech creations, are the best options.

What humidifier provides the best value?

Passive humidifiers provide great flexibility and are ideal for the budget-conscious cigar enthusiast, with acryl polymer foam-based humidifiers delivering the best overall results for the money of any passive humidifier. Low-cost sponge-based humidifiers can be rather inconsistent, so getting a hygrometer, such as adorini's popular Hair Humidor Hygrometer, to double-check humidity levels can be a smart, if not a necessary, investment.

Electronic-based active humidifiers are more expensive and have some limitations as to where they can be used. Yet, these units offer greater climate control, less maintenance, no need for a hygrometer and, depending on the size, the capability of handling many more cigars. So, there is tremendous value to be found in an active humidifier as a long-term investment that ensures the best environment for your cigars.

Ultimately, the value will be determined by your budget, expectations, and how well the humidifier fits your overall humidification needs. You can find value when choosing a new humidor as well. Deluxe humidor options, such as those from adorini's expansive humidor line, will often include high-quality humidifiers and hygrometers as a package deal, further adding value to your cigar experience.

Explore the World of Humidifiers

As you visit each humidifier page, you will find all the information you need to learn how each device might best suit your cigar storage objectives. Each page offers a quick overview of the humidifier's dimensions, cigar capacity range, construction materials, and any other features that might be of note. So, what are you waiting for?

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