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Xikar Double Blade Cutter Xi1 Titanium photo 101

Xikar Double Blade Cutter Xi1 Titanium

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On the hunt for a quality cigar cutter, Kurt Van Keppel was frustrated by the lackluster options available. He called on his industrial designer friend Scott Almsberger to help come up with a solution. The cutter they designed has gone on to be one of the most revered cigar cutters of all-time: the Xikar Xi1 Double Blade Cutter.

The Xikar Xi1 Double Blade Cutter Titanium is the classic Xikar cutter and an ideal choice for the sophisticated cigar enthusiast wanting a blend of form and function. Its anodized aluminum body in a titanium finish perfectly complements the cutter’s ergonomic teardrop shape.

The cutter’s trademark Xi design comprises two high-quality 440 stainless steel blades that carry a Rockwell C rating of 57. In other words, the blades are super hard and will always be razor-sharp and ready for action. Just one touch opens the spring-loaded blades giving you an aperture large enough to easily slice through cigars of 54-ring gauge and even as high as a 58-ring gauge. After each smooth and precise cutting motion, the blades return to their locked position until they are called upon once again.

Born in Van Keppel’s garage, the Xikar Xi1 Double Blade cutter is now hailed as one of the all-time greats, bringing together cutting-edge materials, wondrously efficient design and quality craftsmanship. Combine this with an irresistible cool factor, and it is sure to excite one and all.

EAN code:
Product weight:
1.8 oz
Maximum size of cigar:
Hardness of blade:
56 on rockwell scale
Cutter type:
Double blade cutter
Material of blades:
Stainless steel
Dimensions (H x W x D):
0.4 in x 1.8 in x 3.1 in

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 4.8/5   (28 Ratings)
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 17 Nov 2020

Clean cut, solid cigar cutter.

 05 Sep 2020

I think it's even better than my Xi2. The heavier weight feels more valuable and the precision is excellent. The titanium color looks even better than in the pictures.

 27 Feb 2020

Correct and solid. Be careful with the cover because it is not perfect. Frequently, inside my pocket, the cutter falls out of its case.

 20 Apr 2018

Clean cut, does not damage the cap.

 02 Dec 2017

Nice cutter, not the v-cut just yet.

 28 Aug 2013

Efficient and accurate cutting

 24 Sep 2012

I am very satisfied! Every time a clean cut without fraying or squeeze.

 10 Jan 2012

Clean and precise cut

 28 Feb 2011

Clean cut but a little bit bulky

 06 Mar 2024
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