Does a humidor need special care?

The humidor itself does not need any special care. It is important, however, that the humidifier is checked regularly and refilled whenever necessary. In the case of electronic humidifiers, a warning sound or an LED light tells the user that the humidifier needs to be refilled. With all other humidifiers, the user must monitor the humidity level regularly. This is done by checking the hygrometer. If the humidity level on the display drops, the humidifier should be refilled. With experience, one can tell by simply touching the cigars whether or not they have the correct degree of humidity. In general, humidity loss from opening the humidor briefly to take out a cigar is insignificant. The Spanish cedar acts as a natural moisture buffer and it takes quite some time for the inert water molecules to leave the cigar. Humidifiers will require more frequent attention during the colder months, when ambient humidity levels are generally dry and the humidification system consumes more liquid.

A point that is often neglected, even by experienced cigar smokers, is that the sponge elements used in all humidifiers should be replaced every year or two at most. Many manufacturers do not point out the risk of germs and bacteria accumulating in the sponges to potential buyers. The use of special humidifier liquids can significantly delay this process. It is important then to be sure that the sponge element of the humidifier is exchangeable. In our shop you can find spare acryl polymer fleece sponges for humidifiers, which are the right size for the popular adorini deluxe humidifier but which, when appropriate, can be cut to fit other humidifiers, provided of course that the casing of the humidifier can be opened.

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