What to do if the humidity level in the humidor is too high?

Exceeding the recommended atmospheric humidity level in the short-term is not a cause for concern and can often be caused by higher external temperatures during the summer. However, if the humidity level should settle above 75% for an extended period, the following measures should be taken:

  • Calibrate the hygrometer to be sure that the accurate humidity level is displayed. Analogue hygrometers are very sensitive to vibration and should be calibrated regularly.
  • Leave the humidor open for a few hours and the humidity level will fall again. If necessary, repeat the process again after a few days if the humidity is still too high.
  • Check the humidification system. If it has been filled in the last 7 days, it may be that the humidifier emits too much moisture for the size of the humidor. Then, make sure you refill the humidifier with a slightly smaller amount of water, or replace the humidifier with either a smaller model or a humidifier with adjustable ventilation slots. Many humidification systems such as those by adorini and Elie Bleu allow you to adjust how far the vents of the humidifier open. In a case like this, they should be almost completely closed leaving only the smallest gap.
  • Should the increased humidity coincide with the warm, humid summer months, you might consider temporarily moving the humidor to the cellar, particularly if the climatic conditions last for several weeks.
  • Rotate the cigars in the humidor. Cigars that are very close to the humidification system are probably more humid than those in the layers below. Try switching them around.

At a relative humidity level of more than 75% the probability of tobacco blossom or even mould increases significantly.

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