The correct humidity level inside a humidor

Perhaps you have already bought cigars in the Caribbean. The cigars are usually just sitting on a shelf, with no trace of a humidor or humidifier in sight. In some cases, this has a little to do with carelessness, but it also has something to do with the humidity in the air of such countries, which is much higher than it is at other latitudes.

The standard recommendation is that the humidity level inside a humidor should remain between 68 and 75%, though small temporary fluctuations up or down are acceptable.

Only moist tobacco leaves can be rolled properly. Freshly-rolled cigars have a moisture content of about 20% but the moisture content lowers gradually during the subsequent storage. For the cigars not to dry out, they should retain about 12-14% water weight. This happens best when they are kept at a temperature between 16 and 26°C. When using a humidifier suitably adapted to the humidor, the moisture content should stabilise somewhere in this area after a few days in the humidor.

Anglo-Saxon aficionados in particular often store cigars at slightly lower humidity levels, with only 65% humidity, and for long-term storage down to 60%. Experienced cigar smokers should compare the aroma of their favourite cigars when stored at different humidity levels as the aroma varies depending on the moisture content of the tobacco. With electronic humidification systems, it is possible to vary the humidity level inside the humidor as desired.

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