What is the best humidification system for a humidor?

The humidification system is the quintessential element in the function of any humidor. In recent years, the popularity of electronically controlled humidifiers has increased greatly, and the prices for these humidifiers have fallen significantly, making them affordable for most cigar smokers. A sensor regularly monitors the humidity level in the humidor. When the desired humidity level is reached, a small fan distributes the humid air throughout the humidor. The advantages of these systems are manifold. Firstly, convenience: you do not need to constantly monitor the display, since the humidifier itself automatically notifies the user when it needs refilling. In addition, there is the certainty that the exact humidity will always be maintained throughout the humidor thanks to the air circulation provided by the built-in fan.

If, as a neophyte, you are still unsure about investing in an electronic humidifier, you should ensure that your humidifier uses an acryl polymer based system and keep a vigilant eye on the hygrometer, refilling the humidifier whenever necessary. Boveda Packs which release predetermined humidity levels are also a viable alternative. The cost of these packs can quickly accumulate over time though and an electronic humidification system can prove to be the more economical option in the long term.

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