Boveda humidifier 72% (big, 60g)

Boveda humidifier 72% (big, 60g)

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Keeping up with the proper care of your cigars can be quite a chore, especially in today’s fast-paced world. While consistency is the name of the game, time sometimes just doesn’t allow those with active lifestyles to stay on top of the situation. Well, the folks at Boveda have solved the problem and become the go-to source for no-fuss humidification with Boveda Humidifier packs.

Each Boveda pack provides humidity by way of pure water vapor that is released through the use of Boveda’s specially developed reverse-osmosis membrane. This 2-way process prevents any unwanted flavors or aromas from being absorbed by cigars, as can happen with more traditional humidifiers that use sponges, gels, or other materials to distribute humidity. This also means cigars will never come into direct contact with water or other substances that could cause damage or adversely affect the cigars.

Each Boveda 60g pack is optimized to achieve the specified ambient humidity for every 25 cigars a humidor can hold. If you have a 50 count humidor, for example, then use two Boveda 60g packs, and you are good to go. After two to four months, the packs will harden and let you know it is time for a replacement. Just toss out the old and add new packs. It is that easy!

All Boveda packs deliver incredible accuracy to within +/-1% of relative humidity in airtight conditions. Since no humidor is truly airtight, thus affecting ambient dryness up to 5 percentage points, the folks at Boveda have developed a range of packets to suit your needs. The Boveda Humidifier 72% (big 60g) is the happy medium that ensures your cigars will be kept in prime condition, neither too dry nor too moist.

Whether you are tired of the hassle of traditional humidifiers or you just never seem to have the time for humidor upkeep, the Boveda Humidification packs will prove a quick, clean, and reliable alternative. Boveda lets you get back to enjoying the finer things in life.
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 4.7/5   (123 Ratings)
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 21 Jul 2023

Great product and great site, fast and reliable. Very satisfied

 26 Apr 2023

Good product, works perfect.

 28 Feb 2023

THE reference on the market. I have confidence in the product to protect my precious vitolas.

 25 Jan 2023

For the moment nothing to say it is a little too early to give my opinion. Currently it diffuses well the indicated humidity level

 07 Jan 2023


 22 May 2022

Excellent product for humidors on the go.

 12 Apr 2022


 29 Jul 2021

Ideal for large travel humidors and the transport of valuable items, as well as a replacement for less good humidifier elements.

 17 Jun 2021

As usual the best.

 30 May 2021

As expected

 22 Apr 2021


 09 Sep 2020


 08 Sep 2020

For peace of mind. BOVEDA a reliable product. Only respect the number of bags, and your humidor will remain stable.

 21 Mar 2020

Boveda, so on top!

 20 Feb 2020

Excellent product, excellent service.

 15 Feb 2020

Good and fast!

 22 Jan 2020

Reliable. I recommend it.