Punch cutter

Punch cutter

Whether relaxing at home or enjoying cigars while on the go, punch type cigar cutters are a great way to quickly and precisely prepare your cigars. Traditional guillotine cutters, V-cutters and other types of cigar cutters have their benefits, but few can compete with the versatility and convenience of a good punch cutter.

How Punch Cigar Cutters Work

Punch cigar cutters are simplistic in design yet highly effective, utilizing a circular blade, usually of razor-sharp stainless steel, that punches a hole in the end or head of a cigar. It is a relatively easy procedure accomplished in just a few short steps:

  1. Line up the blade at the centre of one end of the cigar.
  2. Push the blade into the cigar and twist.
  3. Continue to rotate the cutter until a hole sufficient enough to draw through is created.
  4. Remove the cutter.

    That is all it takes. Just be sure not to press too hard or rotate the cutter too wildly during the cut. This can damage the cigar, so a slow, measured cutting motion is always best. If the cut appears to be a little off-center, don't worry. You will still enjoy all of the tasty goodness the cigar has to offer. With a little practice, lining up the cutter will become second nature and you will be punching that cigar like a pro.

    Do you usually smoke a larger diameter cigar? Don't be afraid to make two or three cuts to ensure you can draw more freely. These holes can be separate or overlapping incisions depending on the size of the cigar and punch cutter. Punch cigar cutters give you the power of flexibility.

    Punch Cigar Cutter Benefits

    If you are considering a punch cigar cutter, several features make these cutters greatly beneficial to the modern cigar smoker:

    Ease of operation

    Punch cutters get your cigars ready in a flash with no more than push and twist motion. The simple design of punch cutters also means you don't have to worry about cutting too much off a cigar's head as with guillotine cutters.


    Punch cutters are ideal for those who enjoy a cigar while on the move, as the cutters are generally compact in design and easy to carry. Many punch cutters, such as the crowd-pleasing adorini Large Bullet Punch, feature keyrings for extra convenience and retractable blades for added safety.


    Not only are punch cutters highly portable, but they will cut almost any traditional Parejo or straight cigar, regardless of size. Punch blades come in different sizes, with most ranging from 7mm and 13mm in diameter. Some punch cutters feature multiple blades for both larger and smaller cigars. Punch cutter design also makes for easy integration into other cigar gadgets, such as multi-tools and cigar lighters.


    Running the full spectrum of price and style, punch cigar cutters can deliver incredible value to your smoking experience while going easy on your pocketbook. There is a full range of high-quality punch cutters available, from reliable everyday tools to the most luxurious available, such as the eye-catching Davidoff Round Cutter and other exquisite options.

    Punch cigar cutters' drawbacks are few but still worth considering when deciding on the best cutter for your needs. A punch cutter creates a smaller hole to draw through than many other cutter types. While some enthusiasts suggest the smaller aperture helps focus the body and taste of the smoke onto the palate, others argue it limits the fullness of the smoke. This is easily compensated, though, by simply cutting multiple holes from which to draw.

    The one drawback that is more difficult to overcome is that most punch cutters are much harder to use on shaped cigars. So, if you regularly enjoy Torpedo-shape cigars or other Figurados, then a traditional punch cutter may not be the ideal choice for you.

    If you find yourself among those who like to try a little of everything, a great alternative would be a combination cutter, such as the Porsche Design 3-in-1 Cigar Cutter which can punch cut, guillotine and V-cut your smoke. With something like that you will always have the right tool for the job, no matter the shape of the cigar.

    Punch, Light and Enjoy!

    Whether relaxing at your favorite cigar lounge or jet-setting around the globe, punch cutters let you cut cigars quickly and precisely so you can get down to the business of savoring your smokes no matter the time or place.

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