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Draw Cigar Cutter

Draw Cigar Cutter

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Discover a revolutionary way to open your cigar and experience the perfect draw with the Cigar Tool "Draw Pick". This innovative tool redefines the ritual of cigar enjoyment and offers you a unique opportunity to unlock the full flavor of your favorite cigar.

The "Draw Pick" sets itself apart from conventional methods of cigar opening. Instead of the usual cutting techniques, this tool employs a gentle yet highly effective method of puncturing. Equipped with three precise picks, it allows you to open the cigar without unnecessary pressure. A twist-thread mechanism keeps the picks securely protected until they are needed, providing adaptability as well. For smaller cigar formats, you can easily use two of the picks to achieve an optimal result.

The design of the "Draw Pick" is an ode to the aesthetics of intricate detail. With its silver color, it exudes elegance and seamlessly integrates into the world of cigar enjoyment. The shape is reminiscent of a chess piece, though with a clear practicality for cigar enthusiasts. This tool was crafted to treat your cigar with care and precisely control the draw resistance, allowing you to savor every puff to the fullest.

Main Features of the Cigar Draw Pick:

Innovative Opening Concept: Instead of a conventional cut, the "Draw Pick" allows for a gentle puncture to optimize the cigar's draw resistance.

Adaptable: Three picks offer flexibility for different cigar formats; if needed, you can use only two picks.

Elegant Design: The silver color and chess piece-like shape give the tool a refined aesthetic.

Quality and Durability: Made from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and precise performance.

Experience cigar enjoyment in an entirely new way with the Cigar Tool "Draw Pick". Open your cigar with precision and accuracy to savor the full flavor and achieve perfect draw control. A must-have for all enthusiasts of elevated cigar culture.

Cutter type:
Multi tool
75 mm
1.1 in
2 oz
EAN code:

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