Siglo Bullet Cutter Crystal Burgundy


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Whether at home or on the go, trying to find your cigar cutter when you need it can be a chore. Key chain punch cutters are the perfect solution to this common frustration, yet many cutters on the market are sorely lacking in quality and style. Yet one rises above the rest: the Siglo Bullet Cutter Crystal Burgundy.

This luxurious punch cutter features a tapered design that was inspired by a bullet, giving it a crowd-pleasing sleek and modern look. Composed of brass and alloy for balanced weight and durability. Its attractive crystal-like burgundy finish adds an extra touch of sophistication.

A heavy-duty key ring lets you carry the cutter with confidence anywhere your travels may take you. Thanks to an internal locking mechanism, the super-sharp circular blade remains securely tucked inside of the outer shell until you are ready to make your cut. Just give the cutter a twist, and the blade will emerge. When you are done, twist the blade back into its stowed position. Quick, easy and clean.

The combination of the cutter’s unique shape, elegance, striking color, and impressive cutting ability is sure to improve your overall cigar smoking experience no matter the time or place. A protective bag and gift box make this beauty a great gift.
Cutter type: Cigar punch
Material: Metal
Color: Red
Brand: Siglo
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