Siglo PhoneTouch Punch Cutter Black


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It seems the more technology evolves to make our lives easier, the more things we have to carry. For traveling cigar lovers, this can be especially frustrating. Besides all the gizmos for computers, tablets and phones, there are cigar accessories to consider too. To help minimize this frustration, the Siglo team offers the Siglo PhoneTouch Punch Cutter.

The Siglo PhoneTouch Punch Cutter Black combines a cigar punch cutter with a soft touch phone stylus for a dual-purpose gadget that streamlines your tool kit. The black and chrome finish gives it a distinctively modern look, perfect for the cigar aficionado on the go.

At first glance, it is nothing more than a compact stylus for your phone or tablet conveniently attached to a keychain. Yet unscrew the soft-touch cap, and you have a super-sharp stainless-steel punch cutter. Just pull the inner plunger and outer blade housing apart, make your cut and close back together. The removed bits of tobacco will even be ejected to minimize cleaning. Screw the cap back into place, and you’ll be back to using your stylus just as before!

With its simple yet highly versatile design, the Siglo PhoneTouch Punch Cutter is a must-have accessory if you are looking to reduce clutter while on the move. This multi-purpose tool comes in a gift box, ideal for the cigar fan who has everything.
Cutter type: Cigar punch
Material: Metal
Color: Black/Chrome
Brand: Siglo
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