Angelo Cigar Punch 2 in 1 chrome Angelo Cigar Punch 2 in 1 chrome photo 2
Angelo Cigar Punch 2 in 1 chrome

Angelo Cigar Punch 2 in 1 chrome

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Angelo Cigar Punch 2 in 1

The Angelo Cigar Punch 2 in 1 combines sleek silver with dark gray to create a stylish accessory for discerning cigar enthusiasts. The dark gray elements feature a stylish geometric pattern, enhancing both the visual appeal and providing a secure grip during the necessary twisting motions.

  • Two Blade Sizes: With two rotating threads, you can extend different blade sizes – perfect for puncturing slender, elegant cigars or more voluminous formats. The large blade has a diameter of 1 cm, while the small one is 7 mm.

  • Automatic Tobacco Removal: When retracting the blades, any remaining tobacco residue is automatically expelled, ensuring a clean and unspoiled smoking experience.

  • Stylish Design: The combination of shiny silver and dark gray, paired with the stylish geometric pattern, makes this cigar punch a discreet yet eye-catching accessory.

  • Angelo Brand Logo: The Angelo brand logo subtly adorns the punch, symbolizing quality and sophistication.

With the Angelo Cigar Punch 2 in 1, you not only embrace functionality but also elevate your style – a must-have for every cigar aficionado who values precision and aesthetics.

Number of blades:
60 mm
34 g
Chrome, Grey
Diameter punch:
0.4 in, 0.3 in
EAN code:
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