Xikar travel humidor plastic 5ct Xikar travel humidor plastic 5ct Xikar travel humidor plastic 5ct Xikar travel humidor plastic 5ct Xikar travel humidor plastic 5ct Xikar travel humidor plastic 5ct
Xikar travel humidor plastic 5ct

Xikar Travel Humidor Plastic 5 Cigars

4,3 (56 Ratings)

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Xikar is a brand born out of necessity, thanks to the lack of quality cutters on the market in the 1990s. The cutter designed by the dynamic team of Kurt Van Keppel and Scott Almsberger would go on to make Xikar one of the most respected purveyors of cigar accessories in the World. Xikar’s current range of travel humidors is especially popular, and none is perhaps as versatile as the Xikar 5 Cigar Travel Humidor Plastic.

Crafted of super tough ABS plastic, this classic black travel humidor gives your cigars the protection they need to endure all the rigors of travel. Stainless steel hinges and robust clasps keep the container closed-up tight, providing an airtight and watertight seal. A molded lock ring lets you add even more security, ensuring your cigars remain untouched and perfectly preserved until you are ready to relax with one of your tasty treasures.

The interior space is filled with high-density urethane foam inserts that deliver the optimal cushioning for up to five cigars, keeping them immobile during travel to minimize the chance of their being damaged in transit. An included mini humidifier provides all the humidity cigars need to arrive in optimal condition at their destination. A lanyard makes it easy to carry the humidor, as well as attach it to other items such as a duffle bag or a golf bag.

The Xikar 5 Travel Humidor Plastic is an ideal humidification solution for any cigar enthusiast on the go, offering rugged construction and a tightly sealed humidified environment. No matter what adventures unfold, you can rest assured this sleek humidor will have your cigars in pristine condition and ready for action. Add engraving if you are giving as a gift or for a more personal touch.
Capacity for up to 5 corona cigars.

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EAN code:
Exterior finish:
Material exterior veneer:
24 months
Dimensions (H x W x D):
51 mm x 215 mm x 114 mm
Item ID:
Material of humidor case:
ABS plastic
Inner dimensions (H x W x D)
104 mm x 35 mm x 200 mm
Product weight:
335 g
Interior lining:
Plastic foam
Lock and key to close the humidor:

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.3/5   (56Ratings)
 48% (27 Ratings)
 38% (21 Ratings)
 7% (4 Ratings)
 5% (3 Ratings)
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 26 Jul 2018
Translated from original in French

Perfectly fulfills its role, keeps the humidity well. With Boveda packs the use is optimal! By cons I could not put the cigars between the 2 foam coatings as they compressed them too much, so I removed one. Robust and also a good design.

 25 Sep 2017

I expected the size to be smaller. However, it works well and is easy to carry.

 24 Nov 2015
Translated from original in Italian

Great product.

 05 Jun 2015
Translated from original in German

Practical, stable, handy format

 14 Aug 2014
Translated from original in Italian

There was no customization required First Name Last Name order

 08 Jun 2014
Translated from original in German

Fulfils everything it promises very recommendable for travellers!

 29 Mar 2014
Translated from original in French

Foam badly stuck in the basement, so I was forced to take off for the right pick. More important plastic smell so the cellar is absolutely aéreée before placing modules inside.

 05 Jan 2014
Translated from original in French

It would be nice to include an instruction manual in French.

 02 Jul 2021
 25 Sep 2019
 20 Feb 2019
 30 Oct 2017
 22 Oct 2017
 25 Jun 2017
 04 Jun 2017
 16 Apr 2016
 05 Jun 2015