Credo Rondo Humidifier Black

Credo Rondo Humidifier Black

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There are so many different types of humidifiers on the market today it can be difficult to find the right humidifier for your cigar humidification needs. For when you need to humidify a box of cigars or a smaller humidor, there is the iconic Credo Rondo Humidifier Black.

This legendary hockey-puck-shaped humidifier has been a favorite for decades, delivering reliable, high-quality humidification. Used in humidors and even factory-installed in sealed boxes of cigars, this little jewel is ideal for keeping between 25 to 40 cigars in prime condition.

Each humidifier is composed of a hard-plastic exterior and special oasis foam, which has been factory-treated with propylene glycol. All you have to do is add distilled water, and you are ready for action. Add more distilled water as needed every three weeks or so, then every six months add humidification solution to keep the foam in prime condition. That is all the maintenance needed.

With a timeless design and compact size, this humidifier will adapt to almost any situation. Have a larger collection of cigars? Just use two or three of these handy devices. The Credo Rondo Humidifier Black is a reliable and easy-to-maintain humidifier that you can count on right from day one.

Interior humidifier material:
Item ID:
Credo Rondo Humidifier Black
2.1 oz
EAN code:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
1 in x 2.2 in x 2.2 in
Suitable for up to:
40 cigars
Made of:
ABS plastic

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