S.T. Dupont

S.T. Dupont

There is no name in the cigar lighter and accessory world as synonymous with luxury as S.T. Dupont. The Dupont firm offers cigar connoisseurs opulent, high-quality lighters that deliver a perfect blend of form, function, and sophistication. From iconic classics to cutting-edge modern creations, S.T. Dupont lighters are an easy choice for discerning cigar aficionados.

The Emergence of S.T. Dupont

Simon Tissot Dupont, better known today as S.T. Dupont, used his connections garnered during his time as a court photographer to Napoleon III to build a company of his own specializing in horse-drawn carriages for the Parisian elite. While the business was destroyed by fire in 1872, Dupont seized the moment to focus his energies on building a luxury leather goods business.

Dupont's creations became the favorite choice for France's upper class, from leather briefcases and luggage to wallets, purses, and other leather products. With Dupont's legacy firmly in place, Simon Dupont bowed out of the family business in 1919 to allow his sons, André and Lucien, to carry on the Dupont legacy into a new era.

The sons moved the Dupont workshops from Paris to the family's ancestral home in Faverges, France, an alpine commune near Lake Annecy, south of Lake Geneva. This new location, removed far from the hustle and bustle of the big city, provided the perfect atmosphere to develop products that would propel the Dupont company into its golden age.

Each passing year brought greater prominence for the company, and by 1929 the sons had secured a partnership with another iconic France-based purveyor, Cartier. The deal opened the door for Dupont products to be sold in North America and further gain international prestige. The stock market crash of 1929, however, threatened to undermine Dupont's newfound influence. Yet as Simon Dupont had done when his carriage business was destroyed by fire over a half-century before, the sons turned tragedy into opportunity.

The Birth of S.T. Dupont Lighters

The devastating effects of the 1929 stock-market crash had a silver lining for the Dupont brothers, giving them the chance to shift their focus to the highest levels of society, undeterred by the crash. The Dupont family's business enjoyed continued success throughout the 1930s despite the economic turmoil of the Great Depression. This led to a momentous special order in 1941 that would forever solidify S.T. Dupont's place in history.

The Maharajah of Patiala, a princely state in India's Punjab region, requested 100 custom-designed S.T. Dupont evening bags, each featuring specially lacquered ornamentation. The Maharajah also wanted each handbag to be accompanied by matching solid gold cigarette lighters. The Dupont firm was not in the business of making lighters, yet they were not about to let this lucrative order slip away. The team diligently went to work, and by the time they were done, they had created one of the first ultra-luxury petrol pocket lighters.

This spawned the first S.T. Dupont regular production lighter, the Dupont Ligne 1 (Line 1) petrol lighter. The elegant offerings within this line are timeless classics that set the standard for all luxury lighters that would follow. After World War II, Dupont would pivot away from the declining leather goods business and focus greater energy on crafting lighters and other accessories.

A Ligne 1 gas lighter emerged on the scene in 1951, marking another game-changing moment for Dupont. Firmly entrenched as one of the world's premier makers of luxury lighters, Dupont would continue to add to the Dupont heritage with legendary lighter designs throughout each successive decade, including the 1970s' Ligne 2, the 1980s' Ligne D, and the cutting-edge jet lighters of today.

Selecting S.T. Dupont Lighters

S.T. Dupont lighters are designed with exquisite detail at Dupont's legendary workshops, offering you the very pinnacle of lighter sophistication as well as functionality. While Dupont lighters are not the most budget-friendly options available on the market, each offers value woven into a distinctive character and style found nowhere else in the world today.

Ligne 2

The legendary Ligne 1 series was retired in 2013, passing the torch to the Ligne 2 as the iconic Dupont lighter for the next generation. Ligne 2 lighters were unveiled in 1977 and feature a taller yet slimmer profile than their predecessors and an instantly recognizable ping when flipping open the lid. Available in a wide range of finishes, Ligne 2 lighters make the perfect complement to S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 humidors.

Le Grand

Using the Ligne 2 design as its base, this lighter was created specifically for the cigar aficionado. Not only does the lighter deliver a wide, dual soft flame that provides ideal coverage when lighting your favorite cigars, it also features a torch flame for more focused cigar lighting.


This lighter showcases the unparalleled artistry of the Dupont workshops, or ateliers, in their use of precious materials and lacquers. Ligne 2 lighters are dressed in beautifully textured colors that bring an elegance all their own to the smoking experience.

Défi Extrême

The best-selling Défi Extrême (which translates as Extreme Challenge) was created for 21st century adventurers featuring a powerful wind-resistant torch flame designed to function in extreme conditions and altitudes exceeding 3500 meters. This line of rugged lighters also includes the Défi XXtrême, a dual torch variation.


Dupont launched the Xtend torch series in 2000, which proved an instant hit with cigar smokers. The MaxiJet line updates the original Xtend lighters, delivering a modern, ergonomically designed lighter with a powerful wind-resistant torch flame ideal for lighting up your cigars while enjoying the outdoors.


The MegaJet is a unique variation of the original MaxiJet, conceived to provide cigar enthusiasts with a better grip and a flat torch flame covering more surface area of cigars. This popular option has set a new standard for cigar lighters featuring jet flame technology.


A smaller version of the popular MaxiJet and MegaJet wind-resistant torch lighters, the MiniJet offers a shorter and thinner size along with more contemporary colors and designs. Ideal for the cigar enthusiast on-the-go, these lighters minimize space while maximizing functionality.

These are but a sampling of the many other S.T. Dupont lines from which to choose. All it takes is deciding what type of flame and what level of style and luxury is best suited for your lighting needs. No matter which Dupont lighter you choose, you will have a highly sophisticated piece of quality gadgetry unlike any other.

S.T. Dupont Lighter Maintenance and Care

As with any cherished investment, you want to provide your S.T. Dupont lighter with the utmost care. To ensure your lighter is functioning at optimal levels, use only Dupont-recommended products when maintaining your Dupont lighter.

Dupont makes it easy to choose the right fuel with a convenient color-coded system. The underside of each lighter's fuel valve cover screw features a specific color that corresponds to a Dupont fuel refill. Dupont's Ligne-2 lighters feature the color yellow, for example, so you would use Dupont's "yellow" gas refill. Replacing flints is just as easy with flints color-coated to fit specific flint ignition lighters.

Experience the S.T. Dupont Lifestyle

S.T. Dupont continues to rank as one of the most prestigious companies in the world today, with customers ranging from the British royal family to world-renowned artists, actors, and various and sundry international celebrities. S.T. Dupont represents more than just an experience but a lifestyle. Take your lifestyle to a whole new level with an S.T. Dupont lighter.

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