adorini Puroso Double Jet Black Solingen Blade

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If flexibility and control are what you look for most in a high-quality lighter, then you need not look any further than the Puroso Double Jet Lighter Black Solingen Blade from adorini. Built for precision flame control, comfortable handling and versatile cutting power, this beauty does it all, bringing precision and all the fun back to the cigar smoking experience!

Ergonomically designed with a 45-degree angled head, the butane lighter provides a great feel in your hand while helping to better pinpoint the direction of the lighter’s dual wind-resistant jet flames. With one press of your thumb, a protective cap lifts to expose the ignition housing where the double flame flares into action, ready to get your cigars burning perfectly in a quick and easy manner. You can keep an eye on the fuel level with a conveniently placed fuel window, so you never go through the frustration of trying to spark up your cigar with an empty lighter.

The lighter’s abilities don’t stop there, however, as this multi-tool also features an integrated cigar punch cutter crafted of world-famous Solingen steel ideal for use on almost any size of cigar. Another handy addition is a cigar needle that can serve not only as a pierce cut or draw enhancer, but also can be used to hold the nub of a cigar so you can get every bit of enjoyment out of that last bit of your smoke without burning your fingers.

Sleek, black and modern in styling, the adorini Puroso Double Jet Lighter delivers a winning combination of lighting and cutting power that makes for tremendous accuracy and control no matter where or when it is time to enjoy a good cigar. This all-star of the cigar accessory world truly is a fantastic choice.

Number of flames: 2
Color: Black
Extra: Cigar puncher (single size)
Flame type: Jet flame
Material: Stainless steel
Brand: Adorini

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