Caseti Cigar Cutter Black

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Caseti Cigar cutter black


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The folks at Caseti have created a line-up that is filled with options for those in search of a cigar cutter that combines high-quality cutting action, elegant design and value. The Caseti Cigar Cutter Black is a beautiful example that is sure to get you applause every time you put it to use.

This luxurious creation features a black lacquer and chrome-plated finish adorned with a tastefully sized Caseti logo that shows you are a cigar aficionado of impeccable taste. The rectangular shape also lends an air of sophistication, making the cutter perfect for the most formal of gatherings.

One press of a horizontal button at the top of the cutter releases two stainless steel blades from the sides. These razor-sharp blades will slice their way through cigars of up to a 52-ring gauge with the utmost precision. Once you have made the cut by squeezing the blades together, the blades return to their locked position, and you can sit back and savor your smoke.

The Caseti Cigar Cutter Black delivers the cutting power and alluring design of cutters three, four or even five times the cost. Functional and great looking, this double-blade guillotine cutter  will most assuredly prove a tremendously rewarding addition to your cigar tool kit.
EAN code: 4031872287011
Number of blades: 2
Dimensions (H x W x D): 8 mm x 41 mm x 68 mm
Material of blades: Stainless steel
Brand: Caseti
Maximum size of cigar: 52
Weight: 86 g
Item ID: 28701
Made of: Metal
Color: Black
Category: Double blade cutter
Coating: Chrome-plated

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Overall rating Review rating 4.5/5
(4 Ratings)
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 20 Oct 2018
Translated from original in German
A very noble product, does what it should and does it very well. I absolutely recommend it.
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 16 Feb 2021
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 06 Feb 2021
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 19 Aug 2019
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