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Boveda 2 Way Humidifier 84% 320g

Boveda 2 Way Humidifier 84% 320g

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Boveda revolutionized how cigars are humidified with their 2-way humidification system. It has made it easier than ever before to give your cigars the proper care and conditioning they need. Before using these handy packs in a humidor, however, it is always desirable to get the humidor properly seasoned and ready for optimal humidity control. The Boveda Two-Way Humidity Control 84% is just the right tool for the job!

This packet uses the same reverse-osmosis membrane as the other humidification packs, releasing only pure water vapor. This ensures that there are no flavors or aromas that might affect the humidor or the cigars, as can often happen with traditional humidification devices. The 84% relative humidity level gradually raises the humidity level over 14 days in new or dry humidors, preventing cracks or warping.

For larger humidors, it might take 5, 6, or even more of the 60g packs to achieve necessary levels. That problem has been solved by the Boveda team with the addition of the 320g packet. Optimized for humidors with space for between 50 to 150 cigars, this extra-large pack delivers the equivalent humidity control of five 60g packets. Just put it in your empty humidor, wait two weeks, and you will have a fully seasoned humidor ready for your cigars.

Whether you are christening a new humidor or just want to reboot an old one, the Boveda Two-Way Humidity Control 84% will prove a rewarding humidification aid that will better help maintain your humidor and cigars moving forward.

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7.1 in x 5.1 in x 0.8 in
11.3 oz
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