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 adorini Neptun Cutter Leather Case Black $30

As with any high-precision device, adorini’s popular Neptun Cutter Solingen Blade series of double guillotines deserves to be kept in ideal condition. Keeping your prized cigar tool safely under wraps when not in use, the Neptun Cutter Leather Case will prove a most valuable investment whether you keep your cutter tucked away in a drawer on your person while on the go.

The alluring black textured leather case is crafted especially for the Neptun Cutter series, providing just the right fit that will keep the cutter snuggly secured away in an elegantly stylish fashion. The soft, smooth leather helps keep your cutter from being scratched or dented by other items, such as coins or keys, and will, in turn, help protect surfaces of those other items around it. A conveniently placed notch on the opening also lets you easily slide the cutter out of the case in a quick and effortless motion.

This genuine leather case is an ideal companion to the Neptun Cutter, whether as added insurance for your cutter or as a gift for your favorite cigar aficionado. Keep your cutter clean and pristine and do it with flair with the Neptun Cutter Leather Case Black, only from adorini.

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The designers at adorini are world-renowned for their innovative offerings, and none perhaps better captures the spirit of their creations than a unique cigar cutter that turns your old double guillotine cutter on its head. Doing away with the frustration of pinching cigars, the adorini Neptun Cutter Solingen Blades is the cutter for which cigar lovers have been waiting!

At the heart of this crowd-pleaser are two stainless steel blades made in Solingen, Germany, the legendary “City of Blades”. Each hand-polished blade is crafted out of the finest surgical steel, hardened to a rating of 57 on the Rockwell scale that withstands the rigors of everyday use for a cigar of up to a 52 ring gauge.

The ultra-sharp blades are designed to slide from the short sides of the cutter, flipping the script on most guillotine cutters, which usually cut with an elongated lengthwise motion. This shorter action allows for a better grip and greater control, delivering a smoother, more efficient cutting motion for an impressively clean cut that won’t squeeze or pinch your cigars, potentially leading to damage of the tobacco leaves. An integrated spring keeps the blade safely locked when not in use so that the cutter can be securely tucked away without worry of any unfortunate mishaps.

Available in a stylish black lacquer and stainless steel finish, the Neptun Cutter Solingen Steel Black will bring so much more efficiency and sophistication to your cigar smoking experience that is sure to become the favorite tool in your cigar kit. Keep your cutter safe by upgrading the device with the Neptun Cutter Solingen Steel Leather Case Black. This add-on will protect your cutter, keeping it in pristine condition and ready for action at all times. It also makes a great gift!

Blades: 2
Maximum size of cigar: 52
Origin of blades: Solingen/germany
Made of: Stainless steel
Item ID: 6907
Material of blades: Surgical steel
EAN code: 4260327156309
Color: Black
Brand: Adorini
Hardness of blade: 57 on rockwell scale
Category: Double blade cutter

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