adorini Block Cigar Ashtray

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There is nothing quite as relaxing as the pure pleasure of a good cigar, and yet adding the right accessories to the experience will help take the cigar smoking experience to the next level. And the Block Cigar Ashtray by adorini is primed to enhance the moment with modern styling and class.

This transparent ashtray is expertly crafted of solid crystal lending an air of distinction to its minimalist design. Two compact holders ideally suited for both cigars and cigarettes have been cut with precision to offer just the right size and balance. As a gift it can easily be personalized to say just the right thing. Pack it into a sturdy sack and take it down to your local engraver’s workshop. The bottom of the ashtray is the perfect clean slate for your message.

The Block ashtray from adorini is beautifully designed for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their cigar-smoking space. With a sleek and compact profile, this luxurious creation also satisfies those who believe an excellent smoke should spend more time in the hand than in the ashtray. No matter the décor, the Block will prove a most desirable addition and an indispensable part of any cigar smoking adventure.

Stirrups for: 2 cigars
Brand: Adorini
Color: Transparent
Material: Glass
Type: Cigar ashtray
EAN code: 4260384979507
Item ID: 7920

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