adorini Sorrente Deluxe Humidor

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 adorini Cigar Heaven Humidifier 2nd Generation $198

- Enjoy always fresh and perfectly conditioned cigars -

Microprocessor controlled.

Large digital LCD control.

Improved air circulation.

One refill lasts several months.

Super quiet operation.

No special liquids required.

AC operation.

Fits into basically all humidors.

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Product details

Item ID:1419
Exterior finish:Gloss
Lock and key to close the humidor:No
Material of humidor case:Wood
Hygrometer:Analog with synthetic hair
Weight:3100 g
Warranty:Adorini life-time warranty
Interior lining:Extra strong steamed spanish cedar with ventilation ribs
Dimensions (H x W x D):120 mm x 290 mm x 240 mm
Exterior veneer:Inlay
Inner dimensions (H x W x D): 102 mm x 191 mm x 237 mm

Adorini Deluxe Features

  • Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage.
  • Gold plated acryl polymer based Adorini Deluxe humidifier with adjustable ventilation openings for an optimum regulation of the humidity level.
  • Unique ventilation ribs ("RibTech") for improved air circulation within humidor. Protected Adorini innovation.
  • Extra-strong humidor corpus and extra-strong Spanish cedar lining.
  • Hygrometer and humidifier fixed with magnet to invisible metal plate under wood veneer.
  • Innovative divider system for flexible individual separation. Protected Adorini innovation.
  • Label clips for dividers. Protected Adorini innovation.
  • Extra-strong quadrant hinges - 24K gold plated and hand polished.
  • Life-time warranty
  • Customer ratings and reviews

    Overall rating 4.5/5
    (141 Ratings)
    64 % (90 Ratings)
    29 % (41 Ratings)
    6 % (9 Ratings)
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    Verified buyer
    Translated from original in French
    Beautiful, outstanding, just perfect. Humidification was easy and now my cigars are in shelters in a beautiful setting. Perfect seal. Beautiful decoration object.
    Verified buyer
    Translated from original in French
    Very nice humidor, corresponding perfectly to my expectations, beautiful and sober, this is perfect for me.
    Verified buyer
    Translated from original in German
    Very noble humidor, looks even better in real life than on the web! Quality of the Deluxe series is very good, you can tell the difference! Would always choose a Adorini Deluxe humidor next time!
    Verified buyer
    Translated from original in Italian
    The service is flawless. Everything has arrived in perfect condition and the product is excellent.
    Verified buyer
    The humidor looks and feels amazing, with a real heft to it, beautiful cedar smell, and seals beautifully with a slight 'sigh' when the lid is dropped, and the workmanship appears to my layman's eyes to be first class. One minor gripe (which I can live with) - and the reason for 4 rather than 5 stars - is that the magnet on the back of the hygrometer was very poorly attached/glued and had fallen off during delivery.
    Verified buyer
    Translated from original in Italian
    Excellent product, very nice finishes and details. Very nice the tobacco leaf designed on the lid.
    Verified buyer
    Very securely packed; fast delivery and all round excellent service!
    Verified buyer
    Translated from original in Italian
    Beautiful humidor that has met all my expectations! The only thing to be improved is the power of magnet that sometimes fails to hold up as expected the dampening factor.
    Verified buyer
    Great product, poor set up instructions
    Verified buyer
    Translated from original in German
    Very good quality, good materials. Closes well. One of the internal divisions can not be fixed properly, the smallest problem. The delivery time was longer than scheduled (6 days). I had to re-calibrate the hygrometer, the humidity was 10 points too high. Very happy with this humidor. If you ordered it, you should check the accuracy of the hygrometer.
    Verified buyer
    Translated from original in Swedish
    Incredibly beautiful and solid humidor with well thought-out details. I am very satisfied.
    Verified buyer
    Translated from original in French
    Just beautiful.
    Verified buyer
    Translated from original in German
    A very nice and well processed humidor. Everything went very well, would buy here again.
    Verified buyer
    Translated from original in German
    Very nice product. I am check many of humidors in internet, was decided to take one from EBay USA page. But then find Adorini products, and learn all info about these company products, watch all video at YouTube, and understood that this is perfect thing for me. Size of 75 cigars is what I need at home, I can put inside up to 50-60 cigars, and this is quantity I am need. Product looks very beautiful and well produced outside. After opening this satisfied feeling become deeper, because smell of Spanish cedar and ribs design are excellent. What can I say more? I am satisfied 100 %. Now humidor already prepared, and 70% of humidity is stable inside, what means that construction is very good. Thank you guys for this one. In future I am having in plans only digital hygrometer with temperature gauge.
    Verified buyer
    Translated from original in French
    Absolutely beautiful
    Verified buyer
    Translated from original in Spanish
    Wonderful, a stunning lacquered black finish. The drawing of the tobacco leaf looks real.
    Verified buyer
    Very happy with the product. Beautiful piece, solid and quality construction. Delivered very promptly to australia.
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