Carrara medium - Deluxe Carrara medium - Deluxe Carrara medium - Deluxe Carrara medium - Deluxe Carrara medium - Deluxe Carrara medium - Deluxe
Carrara medium - Deluxe

adorini Carrara Medium Deluxe Table Humidor

4,4 (63 Ratings)

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    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

While a cigar humidor might be a necessity for the cigar connoisseur, it doesn’t have to be bland and unseemly! To this end, the team at adorini set out to create humidors that are functional and durable, yet also stylish and sophisticated. One of our favorite examples is the Carrara Medium Deluxe table humidor.

This brilliantly white table-top humidor is solidly built with a steamed Spanish cedar veneer interior contrasting with the rich multi-lacquered finish. The Carrara Medium Deluxe is compact enough for any table or desk, yet provides ample storage for up to 68 Corona-size cigars. These cigars are kept in optimal condition with adorini’s silver-plated acryl polymer based humidifier, which allows for adjustments in humidity level. The humidification system combines with adorini’s specially designed RibTech ventilation system to provide improved airflow and humidity consistency.

The humidor’s heavy-duty quadrant hinges add strength to the precision fitting lid and a felt bottom helps keep the humidor in place while protecting surfaces. Cigars are quickly sorted and labeled with the addition of adorini’s innovative dividers and divider label clips. These join a pre-calibrated precision hair hygrometer and a metal plate hidden beneath the cedar veneer, which makes attaching the humidifier and hygrometer a breeze.  

Sometimes referred to in jest as the Apple humidor, the matte white surface of the Carrara Deluxe is the perfect blank slate to create a one-of-a-kind humidor. The famous Cuban artist Angel Miranda painted several of these humidors, turning each one into a unique masterpiece. Should you be looking for a top quality humidor as the basis for a creative, deeply personal gift, this is the perfect choice.

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EAN code:
Lock and key to close the humidor:
Adorini life-time warranty
Product weight:
3100 g
Dimensions (H x W x D):
290 mm x 245 mm x 122 mm
Material of humidor case:
Exterior veneer:
Painted lacquer
Item ID:
Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage
Inner dimensions (H x W x D)
102 mm x 191 mm x 237 mm
Exterior finish:
Painted lacquer
Material inside veneer:
Extra strong steamed spanish cedar with ventilation ribs
Divider seperations included:

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.4/5   (63Ratings)
 65% (41 Ratings)
 22% (14 Ratings)
 6% (4 Ratings)
 3% (2 Ratings)
 3% (2 Ratings)
 13 Jan 2021
Translated from original in Italian

Elegant and fits perfectly with my furniture.

 30 Jun 2020
Translated from original in Italian

Delivery was quick, and the chosen courier also has convenient pick-up points (unlike some of the competition). The price is great, I have not found better. The material looks really good, and the design is nice, to be a classic Humidor, or a box. Perhaps however, going back, I would take the smaller size (the M is already quite cumbersome), or the pyramid one (definitely more particular in the external aesthetics). I still don't know how it will behave in the medium and long term, for now it seems to work well and I love the fact that the humidity control instruments are magnetic. The gift was very appreciated both to those who received it and to anyone who has seen it. If the premises are maintained, I will buy everything I need in the "cigar" area.

 06 Jan 2020
Translated from original in German

Noble, very beautiful - everything perfect.

 18 Dec 2019
Translated from original in Russian

Great humidor. Fast shipping.

 01 Jun 2015
Translated from original in French

Lovely humidor, elegant design that fits perfectly in a modern decor! Functionality, quality of materials, a beautiful acquisition delivered on time and with good packaging. Online shop is very professional, I recommend it.

 27 Dec 2014
Translated from original in French

Beautiful smart. In this case, it is very class, the gift has a nice effect.

 02 May 2014
Translated from original in French

super I have finally realized my dream

 31 Jan 2014
Translated from original in Swedish

Everything matches with the description and I feel very happy with the purchase!

 29 Nov 2012
Translated from original in German

The humidor Andorini - Carrara medium - Deluxe is an excellent workmanship and holds 100% to what the product description promises.

 20 Sep 2012
Translated from original in French

Very nice finish and beautiful white lacquer.

 23 Mar 2012
Translated from original in French

Everything is perfect. Very nice product.

 03 Jan 2012

good product and good qualityI would suggest you to insert another shelf for cigars

 01 Jan 2012
Translated from original in Swedish

Extremely nice!

 27 Dec 2011
Translated from original in German

As a Christmas gift it was very well

 25 Oct 2011
Translated from original in German

The magnets are a little weak!

 06 Jun 2011
Translated from original in German

Very good product. It complies in all respects to the description. Highly recommended.

 02 Jun 2011
Translated from original in German

Very positively surprised by the processing done, really great at a great price!