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 adorini Cigar Heaven Humidifier 2nd Generation $198.00
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 adorini HumiFit Humidifier Solution Premium 1L $12.00
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Distilled water enriched with silver ions
1 litre bottle
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The adorini humidor designers have created many artfully designed and feature-packed humidors, yet one stands out as a timeless classic, which is not so much a humidor as it is a centerpiece to the overall cigar smoking experience. The Chianti Grande Deluxe is a signature adorini creation that will bring a whole new level of gratification to your cigar smoking rituals!

The beautiful cabinet-style humidor catches the eye with a multi-lacquered high gloss ebony finish and a glass door featuring a smooth yet tightly sealing magnetic closure mechanism that makes just opening and closing the door a joyous event. Inside the humidor, seven pullout drawers allow for greater flexibility in organizing your cigar collection, which is further aided by adorini’s innovative divider system and divider label clips. This makes separating over 30 Corona-size cigars per drawer more efficient. It also makes finding that next cigar to savor a much easier task, allowing you more time to relax and enjoy the moment.

The steamed Spanish cedar drawers and interior lining work in concert with adorini’s deluxe gold-plated acryl polymer-based humidifier to provide the optimal environment for cigars. The humidifier’s adjustable ventilation openings let you fine-tune the humidity to achieve just the right level for your collection. You can quickly check humidity levels with a pre-calibrated precision hair hygrometer mounted on the front of the center drawer, which is visible through the glass when the door is closed.

Backed by adorini’s lifetime warranty, this heirloom-worthy piece of furniture will not only provide a safe and efficient home for your cigars, but it will also leave the lasting impression of class and sophistication on anyone visiting your home or office. The Chianti Grande Deluxe is a great option for all cigar enthusiasts looking to expand cigar storage capability while maintaining a relatively small footprint. This crowd-favorite is as rewarding as they come!

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EAN code: 4260128723212
Material of humidor case: Wood
Warranty: Adorini life-time warranty
Brand: Adorini
Product weight: 13000 g
Divider seperations included: 14
Interior lining: Extra strong steamed spanish cedar with ventilation ribs
Dimensions (H x W x D): 520 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm
Item ID: 1414
Lock and key to close the humidor: Yes
Exterior finish: High gloss
Exterior veneer: Ebony
Color: Brown
Hygrometer: Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage
Inner dimensions (H x W x D): 39 mm x 198 mm x 231 mm

Adorini Deluxe Features

  • Deluxe feature image
    Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage.
  • Deluxe feature image
    Gold plated acryl polymer based Adorini Deluxe humidifier with adjustable ventilation openings for an optimum regulation of the humidity level.
  • Deluxe feature image
    Innovative divider system for flexible individual separation. Protected Adorini innovation.
  • Deluxe feature image
    Label clips for dividers. Protected Adorini innovation.
  • Deluxe feature image
    Life-time warranty
  • Deluxe features video thumbnail
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    Customer ratings and reviews

    Overall rating Review rating 4.5/5
    (108 Ratings)
    Review rating  
    74 % (80 Ratings)
    Review rating  
    19 % (21 Ratings)
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    4 % (4 Ratings)
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    Review rating
     31 Aug 2019
    Great humidor with very stylish outlook. Lots of room for cigars. Smart locker system.
    Review rating
     06 Apr 2019
    This cabinet has been great in use and it is spacious enough for 200 cigars and it looks good. Also it looks high end product but yet it’s price is relatively low. One drawer was broken on the back side, otherwise I am happy with this purchase.
    Review rating
     26 Jan 2019
    Translated from original in German
    Was a great birthday present. Everything great.
    Review rating
     17 Jan 2019
    Translated from original in German
    Like a dream!
    Review rating
     23 Dec 2018
    Translated from original in Italian
    Excellent product, I am fully satisfied. Also the hygrometer and the humidifier are pretty. An excellent idea to add the distilled water with the product in order to start immediately. Fast delivery and excellent packaging.
    Review rating
     13 Dec 2018
    I'm very satisfied with the product and with the service too. The piece is beautiful and arrived within a few days. Maybe two. It works well and is one of the most elegant pieces of furniture in the room! 6 stars. Buy it! Antony
    Review rating
     08 Nov 2018
    Translated from original in Italian
    Excellent. This piece of furniture is really beautiful and as a humidor it works perfectly. Thank you so much and see you soon.
    Review rating
     01 Feb 2017
    Translated from original in French
    So gorgeous, top.
    Review rating
     19 May 2016
    Translated from original in French
    Very good finishes, good capacity, corresponds to description.
    Review rating
     05 Mar 2015
    Translated from original in French
    Superb small cabinet
    Review rating
     09 Feb 2014
    great product, exceptional moisture ... it's really a luxury humidor.
    Review rating
     19 Jan 2014
    An item of great quality and appearance - can't wait to load it up with my cigar collection.
    Review rating
     30 Dec 2013
    Translated from original in Italian
    Great product really well finished. A piece of furniture.
    Review rating
     23 Dec 2013
    Translated from original in French
    Magnificent! I recommend this website
    Review rating
     15 Jun 2013
    Translated from original in Dutch
    Great product with the right look. Humidification is a small chore, but will result in the perfect moisture balance. No need to check later on.
    Review rating
     18 Nov 2012
    Translated from original in German
    very good quality, excellent thing
    Review rating
     15 Nov 2012
    excellent !
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