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Firenze - Deluxe

adorini Firenze Deluxe Cigar Humidor

4,6 (349 Ratings)

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    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

With an ever-growing catalog of finely crafted humidors, the designers at adorini have become renowned for combining tremendous quality and styling with optimal humidity control. One of their very first designs and a striking example of this exceptional blending of form and function, the aficionado favorite, Firenze Deluxe has been a constant best-seller throughout the years.

The Firenze Deluxe cigar humidor immediately catches the eye with a sleek multi-lacquered black finish, deep-set grooved lines and gold-plated lock and key for a rich, distinguished character. The solid construction is immediately apparent upon opening the thick, form-fitting lid, which is aided by strong hand-polished 24K gold quadrant hinges. Inside the expert creation, steamed Spanish cedar veneer and adorini’s deluxe gold-plated humidifier work together to provide ideal conditions for up to 68 Corona-size cigars.

The Firenze Deluxe also showcases an incredible line-up of adorini’s most revered adornments, including special RibTech ventilation ribs to enhance airflow and proprietary divider system featuring two vertical and two horizontal dividers for greater flexibility. A pre-calibrated precision hair hygrometer, as well as protective felt bottom and hidden metal plate for magnetic attachment, finish off this well-made humidor.

All these splendid additions plus adorini’s unparalleled lifetime warranty make the Firenze Deluxe one of the great all-around humidors available today. Whether a dedicated aficionado or an adventurous newcomer, this versatile humidor has all the enhancements you need to maximize your cigar smoking journey and make it a truly memorable experience. Capacity for up to 68 corona cigars, 75.

Adorini Deluxe Features

  • Deluxe feature image

    Adorini life-time warranty

  • Deluxe feature image

    Extra-strong humidor corpus and extra-strong Spanish cedar lining

  • Deluxe feature image

    Extra-strong quadrant hinges - 24K gold plated and hand polished

  • Deluxe feature image

    Gold plated acryl polymer based Adorini Deluxe humidifier with adjustable ventilation openings for an optimum regulation of the humidity level

  • Deluxe feature image

    Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage

  • Deluxe feature image

    Hygrometer and humidifier fixed with magnet to invisible metal plate under wood veneer

  • Deluxe feature image

    Innovative divider system for flexible individual separation. Protected adorini innovation

  • Deluxe feature image

    Unique ventilation ribs ("RibTech") for improved air circulation within humidor. Protected adorini innovation

  • Deluxe feature image

    Label clips for dividers. Protected Adorini innovation

Calculate online how many of your favorite cigars will fit into the humidor
Pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage
Painted lacquer
Exterior finish:
Divider seperations included:
Lock and key to close the humidor:
Material of humidor case:
Interior lining:
Extra strong steamed spanish cedar with ventilation ribs
Exterior veneer:
Painted lacquer
Dimensions (H x W x D):
120 mm x 290 mm x 240 mm
Inner dimensions (H x W x D)
237 mm x 191 mm x 102 mm
3225 g
Adorini life-time warranty
Item ID:
EAN code:

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 Customer reviews and ratings
 4.6/5   (349Ratings)
 70% (244 Ratings)
 26% (92 Ratings)
 1% (5 Ratings)
 1% (4 Ratings)
 1% (4 Ratings)
 05 Jun 2022

Superb value for the money. The humidor looks great, the wood and finish feel nice, and 24k gold-plated details are the cherry on top. What’s inside is where it gets the points - Spanish cedar is thick and smells so nicely every time I open it up, makes cigar-choosing ritual an even better experience. The ribs for ventilation and dividers work perfectly, and the analogue hygrometer is on-point. I didn’t believe that it can be pre-calibrated and exact, but it seems it’s less than 1% off. I’d recommend this humidor to anyone looking for a quality product that will last.

 08 Jul 2021
Translated from original in Italian

Professional, ultra fast delivery. But above all the product is spectacular, the materials used are of quality and it is very robust. There is no loss of moisture and it keeps it for a long time. Highly recommended.

 21 Aug 2020
Translated from original in Italian

Great product.

 22 Dec 2019

Bought as a birthday present. Delivery slightly delayed, nothing too major. Recipient was extremely happy. All good.

 21 Jun 2019

Excellent, well made, looks nice, large capacity.

 18 May 2019

Amazing humidor!!

 25 Nov 2018
Translated from original in French

Amazing and spacious humidor, with irreproachable finish.

 07 Jun 2018

Good looking and very good quality product!

 18 May 2018
Translated from original in French

Very nice humidor with all the accessories.

 11 Apr 2018
Translated from original in French

Very nice humidor, even more beautiful in real! Very fast delivery and arrival in perfect condition, the packaging was perfect! All that remains is to prepare. It made someone happy!

 22 Dec 2017
Translated from original in Italian

So, the humidor looks good, except of one joint that moves when the lid is opened and the wooden lining at the bottom that has a slight gap between the two parts. Overall a good product.

 23 Nov 2017
Translated from original in French

Excellent product that arrived well on time. The only problem was that as the engraving wasn't registered on the invoice it wasn't sent... not too serious as it is very good product.

 11 Aug 2017
Translated from original in French

Very nice box. I'm happy with this purchase.

 03 Jun 2017
Translated from original in Italian

Excellent product, great quality both in materials and finishes. I am very happy and would highly recommend it. See you soon for new purchases.

 15 Jun 2015
Translated from original in French

Very good product!

 12 May 2015
Translated from original in German

great value for money

 01 May 2015
Translated from original in Italian

Excellent product quality, despite being a newbie, I can only appreciate it. Nice aesthetically, functional and very practical. I had read good reviews about Adorini and I confirm the idea that you can have a great product at a reasonable price! In addition, the service provided is excellent, the service is prompt and friendly -- impeccable. Good value for money that leaves no doubt that I've made a bargain and having dealt with a truly customer-oriented seller. I recommend it and will certainly buy on this site again and from this brand.